COVID-19 during flu season; Doctors urge Americans to get the updated vaccine

As we enter cold and flu season, doctors are encouraging all Americans to stay up to date on their latest vaccinations, including COVID-19 and flu.

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In updated guidance, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says anyone 6 months and older can now get a COVID-19 vaccine. This month, the FDA approved an updated booster to target the new variant.

Dr. Peter Hotez of Baylor College of Medicine says COVID cases have increased this summer compared to the benchmark date of July 2020, according to the city of Houston’s wastewater viral load testing.

“A couple of weeks ago it was up 375% to 400%. Interestingly, compared to last week, it was down a little bit to 245%, so maybe it’s starting to level off a little bit, and that’s true “Nationally, hospitalizations are coming down a little bit, but not enough to feel confident,” Dr. Hotez said.

Dr. Hotez recommends that parents consult their pediatricians before vaccinating their children. However, he points out that it has other benefits beyond preventing serious disease.

“Even though the number of pediatric deaths from COVID is still low, it still exceeds deaths from the flu. We’re seeing prolonged COVID in children, and we don’t know What impact it will have on long-term growth and neurodevelopment Long COVID in children is going to last Long COVID can happen after any COVID case, including mild COVID cases but severe The risk increases with COVID. Therefore, by vaccinating your child, you are reducing the risk of not only severe illness but potentially long-term COVID in your child and Therefore, long-term intraneuronal use reduces the risk of developmental problems,” Dr. Hotez said.

“Another very interesting aspect is that there is now some association between COVID, the virus infection and type 1 diabetes. And so, by vaccination, we don’t have that data yet, but potentially, by vaccination, you can prevent or Can also reduce your child’s risk of diabetes,” Dr. Hotez added.

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The CDC says people who have recently had COVID can wait up to three months before getting a booster shot.

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