Cows on the Moon? Surprise and wonder for these NASA moonwalkers! | Science News

Surprising close encounter on the moon? A shocking and awe-inspiring moment for these NASA moonwalkers happened when they bumped into a cow.

Is there a cow on the moon? NASA astronauts bump into a four-legged creature in a surprising moment. (NASA)

Yes, these moonwalkers were working for the US space agency NASA when they suddenly came across a cow! A real cow! The only question left now is whether they were more surprised or the cow!

To put things into perspective, there are no cows on the moon. That's a fact. Having said that, NASA has a plan to land its astronauts on the moon sometime in 2026. This will be the US space agency's most important manned mission since the Apollo missions took off in the last century.

Landing NASA astronauts on the moon requires a number of tests to be carried out in a simulated environment on Earth and that is exactly what these astronauts, Andre Douglas and Kate Rubins, were doing when they were surprised by the arrival of a four-legged animal. The chances of someone bumping into a cow on the moon are absolutely zero. Of course, there may be aliens out there, but humanity knows nothing about it. And those aliens certainly haven't announced their arrival.

NASA is carrying out this simulation in Arizona and astronauts regularly go on moonwalks with backpacks and mockups, but not with pressurized spacesuits. These backpacks and mockups restrict movement like spacesuits and simulate the conditions that would exist for astronauts on the moon.

The idea behind this lunar exercise is to collect as much data as possible to better equip the astronauts who will eventually be sent to the moon. And this includes conducting these exercises during the day as well as at night to better simulate the conditions on the moon.

The manned moon landing will be a part of the Artemis III mission. This will be the first time in more than 50 years that a human will set foot on the moon.

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