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Google introduced the Imagen 2 language model for Gemini, allowing users to generate images. After the controversy over AI-generated images… read more
Earlier this month, Google introduced the Imagen 2 language model that brings an AI-image generator feature to Gemini (formerly Bard). With the update, Gemini on the web and the Google app on iOS as well as the newly announced Android app can now generate images with the given prompt.

How Image Building Works in GeminiAs mentioned, the AI ​​Image Creator feature on Gemini is powered by the Imagen 2 language model and allows users to enter simple gestures on Gemini and have it create multiple images based on Google's AI tools. Users also get the option to create more options.

Google restricts image creation capability amid latest controversySeveral users reported instances where AI-generated images displayed people of color in response to searches such as “draw picture of Swedish woman” or “draw picture of American woman”.

In response, Google mentioned in the official blog post that “This was not what we intended. We didn't want Gemini to deny the images of any particular group. And we didn't want it to create a false historical or any other image. So we've shut down People Image and will work to make significant improvements before turning it back on. “This process will involve extensive testing.”

However, Gemini can still generate images as long as the text prompt is not about generating images of people. If you want to try out Gemini's image generator, here's our step-by-step guide:

Steps to Create Images Using Google Gemini on Computer, Android and iPhone

on the computer


  • Go to in your web browser.
  • Type an image prompt in the text box. Be creative and descriptive with your prompts for better results. Some examples: “An astronaut riding a horse on Mars”, “A cute baby panda eating bamboo,” etc.
  • Press “Generate” and Gemini will instantly create a gallery of AI images based on your prompt.
  • Click “Generate More” below any image you like to get additional variations.
  • Click on any thumbnail image to open the full size version. Use the on-screen arrows or click “Show Previous Image/Show Next Image” to easily scroll through the images.

This method also works on all devices that have a web browser. You can use any browser to visit the Gemini website and follow the above instructions to create an AI image.

Via Google Gemini App on Android

  • Open the Gemini app on your Android phone.
  • Type an image prompt in the text box.
  • Tap “Generate” and swipe through the results.
  • Tap any image thumbnail to view it larger.
  • Tap the on-screen “Back” button to return to your image gallery.

On iPhone and iPad using the Google app

  • On your iPhone, open the Google app.
  • Select the Gemini tab at the top.
  • Type a prompt in the text box.
  • Review AI images and tap “Generate More” for additional options.
  • Tap any thumbnail to open the full-size version of that image.
  • Tap the on-screen “Back” button to exit the full image view.
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