Critics have a love-hate relationship with Netflix's 'A Family Affair'

Critics are divided in reviews of Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron's Netflix Original romantic comedy with family,

with family The Friday debut on the streaming service kicks off a big month for Netflix original movies, starting with Glen Powell and Adria Argiona's hit crime comedy Hitman On 7th June.

Logline with family It reads, “When Zara (Joey King) quits her job as the personal assistant of Hollywood heart-throb Chris Cole (Zac Efron), she inadvertently sets the stage for a chance meeting between Chris and his famous author mother, Brooke (Nicole Kidman).

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“It's only a matter of hours before Brooke and Chris realise there's an undeniable chemistry between them, leading to hilarious consequences as Zara's egotistical boss attempts to woo her incredulous mother.”

rotten Tomatoes Critics collectively with family 47% “rotten” rating based on 49 reviews to date. Audience Score R T However, user response has not been as favorable, as the film currently holds a “poor” 42% rating based on over 100 ratings.

What are top critics saying about 'A Family Affair'?

Top Critics rotten Tomatoes There are different opinions on this with family,

On the positive side, critic Angie Han The Hollywood Reporter The synopsis for the Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron romantic comedy reads, “Family Matters The Hollywood content and its drama sometimes feel like they come from two completely different movies. But the dialogue is delivered with such heart that for a moment you may become emotional in spite of yourself.”

In addition, critic Pete Hammond deadline Love with familyHe called the film “a smart, character-driven romantic comedy with a fun ensemble cast, a witty screenplay, and interesting situations for everyone.”

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During this, Diversity Critic Tomris Laffly found nothing appealing in it with family In his review he wrote, “Sadly, the film comes across more like an artless quickie rather than a full-fledged romance.”

Furthermore, Laffly writes in his review, “the biggest joke seems to be that with family I blame myself for so clumsily wasting Efron’s underrated talent and Kidman’s unique potential.”

Critic Gary M. Kramer was equally critical of the film in his review. Salonwrites, “The film is lazy and uninspired. The Lifetime channel presents romantic films like this with more charisma and heart. with family It wants to be comfort food, but it tastes like stale leftovers.”

Directed by Richard LaGravenese and starring Kathy Bates, a family affair Streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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