'Cross 400 this time, but in another country': Shashi Tharoor slams BJP after UK election results India News

New Delhi: Prominent Congress leaders Shashi Tharoor The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was mocked after the Labor Party's landslide victory in the UK general election with a lead of over 400 seats.
In a post on social media on Friday, Tharoor said, “Finally 'Ab Ki Bar 400' is done – but in another country!”

Shashi Tharoor's post on X

The slogan, popularized by BJP leaders ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, predicted that the BJP would win more than 370 seats. National Democratic Alliance (NDA) will go beyond 400 seats. However, in the recent elections, the BJP won 240 seats, falling short of a majority, while NDA won the mandate with 293 seats.
On the other hand, the Congress Party won 99 seats, while the India Bloc, an alliance of opposition parties, won 234 seats. After the elections, two Independent Members of Parliament supported the Congress, bringing the India Bloc to 236.
On Friday, Keir Starmer became Britain's new prime minister, vowing to rebuild the country after Labor won 412 seats in the 650-member House of Commons.
This resulted in a significant increase of 211 seats from the 2019 elections. The Conservative Party led by Rishi Singh won only 121 seats, a decrease of 250 seats from the previous election. Labor won a 33.7 per cent vote share compared to the Conservatives' 23.7 per cent.
The historic victory ended a tumultuous 14-year period of Conservative rule and Keir Starmer was elected Prime Minister-elect.

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