Cyberpunk 2077 now includes a hidden Doom clone

cyberpunk 2077 Players have discovered a new Arcade Cab hidden in an abandoned church just outside Night City. This new arcade machine, added as part of cyberpunk 2077free 2.0 updatelets you play a Apocalypse-Like the retro shooter starring Keanu Reeves’ character, Johnny Silverhand.

cyberpunk 20772.0 update of and it is too big Phantom Liberty Expansion There’s a lot of new content and features added to the already massive first-person RPG. But who cares about that stuff? (Editor’s note: A lot of people, actually.) Personally, I’m more excited to see that even in a terrifying dystopian future. cyberpunk 2077 people are still creating and playing Apocalypse clone. I guess some things never change.

To play this new arcade machine, you’ll need to head to the wasteland outside of Night City and head south to find a lonely, abandoned church just north of the Protein Farm, which is also a fast-travel point. So if you’ve already unlocked the farm for a faster trip, feel free to zip along and save yourself the drive through the Badlands.

No matter how you get there, enter the church, and on the right you will find a Arasaka Tower 3D Playable arcade machine.

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Sam Bram II / CD Projekt Red

Arasaka Tower 3D This is clearly a tribute to classic id Software shooters wolfenstein 3d And Apocalypse, You play the role of long-dead rockerboy Johnny Silverhand, who conducts a historic bombing of one of the world’s most powerful megacorps headquarters, as he tries to escape the tower, blowing away several guards and surprisingly slowly -Slowly moves towards freedom. Aside from the lack of movement the gameplay looks surprisingly retro, including the fact that you can’t look up or down, as was the case in many classic ’90s shooters. The entire game is approximately 10 minutes long and consists of five levels with secret doors.

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Do you think that people cyberpunk 2077 the universe has been modified Arasaka Tower 3D To death and turn it on ATMs and other strange devices, like how Apocalypse In our world today almost anything can be played, I hope so. I hope some idiot has made it completely open-source at this point and created whole new levels for it.

I think once you finish playing araska tower 3d you can go and play the rest cyberpunk 2077, which also includes the new expansion. I heard it’s so Apocalypse But now you can look up and down. Wild stuff!

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