Decoding the economics of Gadar 2: Sunny Deol starrer budget, recovery, verdict and lifetime box office

In the month of August, Sunny Deol returned as Tara Singh and once again created history at the box office with the release of Anil Sharma directed Gadar 2. Despite the clash with OMG 2, the film rewrote box office history. The total earning of the film in 42 days is around Rs 512.75 crore. Gadar 2 is on the verge of becoming the all-time grosser by topping Pathan’s collections, earning Rs 513 crore in Hindi.

Gadar 2 gets theatrical share of Rs 260 crore globally

Like the first part, Ghadar 2 This will be one of the rarest Hindi films to get the all time grosser tag in the clash scenario. Without the struggle and opposition over the past weeks, Gadar could have been the first Hindi film to cross Rs 600 crore at the box office, but destiny had other plans for the action-packed entertainer. also starring Ameesha Patel, Utkarsh Sharma and Simrat Kaur in the lead roles, the Gadar sequel will close its run at the box office in India with a total gross of Rs 515 crore. With an expected audience of 3.5 crore, the nationwide gross will be around Rs 620 crore, making it the most watched Hindi film in the last 7 years. share of Indian dramaturgy sunny deol The film is close to Rs 235 crores.

Talking about the overseas business, Gadar 2 has grossed $7.50 million (INR 62.50 crore), taking the film’s global tally to just under Rs 700 crore. From international markets, producer and distributor Zee Studios received Rs 25 crore as theatrical share. The business of Gadar 2 is historic and beyond anyone’s imagination. Moments like Gadar 2 come once in a decade, as the film has enlivened the single screen to unheard of levels. It is the highest grossing film of all time for any Hindi language film, and North and West India business played a major role in getting the film to these levels.

On the budget front, Gadar 2 cost around Rs 60 crore to make, of which Rs 15 crore was spent on prints and promotions, taking the total to Rs 75 crore. Being a Zee Studios production, satellite, digital and music rights will work on the valuation model, as all platforms are aligned in-house. According to industry sources, the digital rights of Gadar 2 are worth Rs 40 crore, while the satellite rights are worth Rs 25 crore. With a price tag of Rs 15 crore, the music of Gadar 2 has been a big asset for the studio. The total non-theatrical collections of the film are Rs 80 crore. This is in-house valuation, which is done before release, and if the film was in the market for sale after release, the minimum recovery for producers from non-theatrical would be around Rs 130 crore.

Gadar 2 makers made a profit of Rs 265 crore

Against the total cost of Rs 75 crore, Zee Studios received total revenue of Rs 340 crore, resulting in a net profit of Rs 265 crore. The ROI for the banner is an unimaginable, unprecedented, unbelievable 353 percent. Looking into the history books and the potential of all-time grossing films, Gadar 2 could very well be one of the highest-grossing films of modern times, as costs are under control and business is on a roll. Even in the times to come, it will be difficult for all-time grossing films to achieve the kind of profits that Zee Studios has earned from Gadar 2. All the revenue from theatrical and non-theatrical will come to Zee Studios, as they are the sole owner of the film on the distribution front. There is some sort of back profit-sharing deal with directors Anil Sharma and Sunny Deol, but the bulk of the cream will be absorbed by Zee Studios.

The film has brought the yesteryear Sunny Deol audience back to the screens as they got a chance to relive the bygone era and celebrate their superstar in his most favorite avatar. The film also served as a platform to reintroduce Sunny Deol as a big action hero to the younger generation of audiences. It is a once in a lifetime event for all stakeholders and the money earned on the film justifies and ensures the all-time blockbuster status. In fact, Gadar is an all-time mega-blockbuster, if that word exists in the dictionary of Indian business, with a 353 percent return on investment!

Here’s a look at the economics of Gadar 2

cost of making Rs 60 crore
printing and publicity Rs 15 crore
Total Cost (A) Rs 75 crore
India Theatrical Share Rs 235 crore
foreign shares Rs 25 crore
non dramatic share Rs 80 crore
Total Revenue (B) Rs 340 crore
Net Profit (B – A) Rs 265 crore
cost benefit 353 percent

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