Dengue Situation Report #5: 25 September 2023 – Bangladesh


Weekly cases: 20 041

Weekly recovery: 19 921

Weekly deaths: 87

Currently hospitalized: 10 470

Cumulative cases: 187 725

Cumulative deaths: 909


  • There were 20,041 cases, including 87 deaths, in this reporting week, compared to 19,356 cases, including 92 deaths, last week.

  • A higher proportion of female deaths (57% women vs. 43% men) have been observed since the beginning of the outbreak. However, the gap has been narrowing in recent weeks. In the reporting week, 52% of male deaths occurred compared to 48% of female deaths.

  • A total of 445 samples have been quarantined in this outbreak. The majority is DENV-2 (65.6%), then DENV-3 (27.4%), DENV-1 (2.5%), DENV-4 (0.2%) and the remaining 4.3% is co-infection of DENV2 and DENV-3. ,

  • A health cluster meeting was organized on 20 September 2023 to review and share experiences in the current response and re-strategize as needed. More than 20 partners participated and committed to continue supporting the government.

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