DeSantis has vowed to cancel funding for COVID vaccines if elected in 2024

GOP presidential candidate and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said Wednesday that he would cancel funding for COVID-19 vaccines if he is elected to the White House next year.

“Certainly, we’re not going to fund them,” he said in an interview with ABC. “I think Biden is spending billions of dollars on these. That’s why he studied. “They have not demonstrated the benefit of boosters.”

DeSantis, who remains a staunch opponent of mandating COVID-19 vaccines and other pandemic measures, claimed there is not enough research to show whether the benefits of the new boosters outweigh the potential risks.

President Biden said last month that he planned to ask Congress for more funding for the development of a new coronavirus vaccine — a move that could face obstacles as similar requests to combat the virus have been made in the past. The year was blocked by Congress.

“I signed a resolution this morning that requires us to submit a request to Congress for additional funding for a new vaccine that is needed, that works,” Biden said at the time.

DeSantis also questioned whether the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) should be trusted, vowing to hold the agency “accountable” if elected in 2024. He claimed the CDC misrepresented how effective masking and vaccines were at preventing COVID-19 infections. The agency cited “weak” studies at the height of the pandemic.

“They would make representations that were not true. So the trust that has been lost, I think is unaccounted for and one of the things I have said is that when I come in we will have a reckoning about all these COVID policies,” he said Said. “We are going to hold accountable those who did wrong.”

A new COVID-19 booster was launched last week after the Food and Drug Administration approved the shots, which are meant to protect against new strains of the coronavirus and are recommended for everyone over 6 months of age Is.

However, the campaign to get people vaccinated is off to a rocky start as the federal government struggles to make shots accessible to uninsured Americans.

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