'Destiny 2' gives assurances about episodic model, Frontiers hints

There's been a lot of skepticism these first few weeks about Destiny 2's switch from seasons to an act-based episodic model. There are three instead of four in a year, though currently they seem…a lot like seasons, but with more timegate roadblocks involved.

Now, Destiny 2 assistant game director Robbie Stevens has spoken to GamesRadar in an interesting interview, in which he gives some assurances about what's to come and plans for the future. Read the whole thing here, but here are some highlights and takeaways:

  • Act 3 of Episode 1 will form one of the biggest overseas missions Destiny has ever done, and Stevens said it wouldn't have been possible without the new episodic format. It won't come too long after Dual Destiny, one of the best overseas missions Destiny has ever done.
  • Act 2 of Episode 1 will bring a “new set” of activities, meaning that the Breach executable and Enigma Protocol will have something added, not just be new maps for them. This makes sense, considering that both are the same map (Breach has three boss rooms), which is pretty much the same as the seasonal activities. So, adding more full activities seems like a good move. However, I wouldn't expect more activity to continue through Act 3, as by that point, it will be too late in the season for a whole new activity to farm.
  • There are some interesting lines about Nessus “expanding and changing” over time, although this has confused some players because in some missions we see altered versions of old locations in Nessus, but nothing has really changed in the larger patrol location. Will this happen in the future? Will we see new, permanent areas becoming accessible in Nessus if it is indeed “expanding”?

  • Stevens believes the current slate of episodes is intended to tie up loose ends of stories that couldn't be addressed in The Final Shape I've said before that last year's season was primarily about setting up these episodes rather than The Final Shape (which makes even more sense when you consider the idea that Lightfall and the year to come may not have been originally planned at all).

In that case, it seems the major storylines being addressed and/or resolved are:

  • Maya Sundaresh and her apparent control over the Vex (and Exos?).
  • Crow confronts his past in a different way, hunting down the seemingly immortal Fikrul with Fallen's help.
  • Perhaps Savathun and Shivu Arath will finally face each other and shake up the Hive Pantheon, as they say, and perhaps end that sisterly conflict once and for all.

However, Stevens also says that these endings will set up new futures for the respective races, leading to the infamous, mysterious Year 11, Destiny 2: Frontiers, which he has also talked about.

“We want to expand our world and world-building, expand the Destiny universe in general… and I think that's probably all I need to say about it.”

This matches the theory that at the end of the year Destiny 2 will leave its current solar system and expand to new horizons, although we still don't know what format this will take. New expansion with three episodes indefinitely, or something else? That's not confirmed yet.

I appreciate that reassurance, though I'll probably wait until the second episode before I declare the episodes are a perfectly good change from season one. There's more to come.

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