Detroit's new transit center, named after a DDOT driver, is now open

DETROIT (WXYZ) — The Michigan State Fairgrounds is now the Jason Hargrove Transit Center.

Hargrove was a DDOT bus driver who died of COVID in 2020.

Ten days before his death, Hargrove posted a video on social media urging people to stay safe during the pandemic.

Now four years later, a new transit center named after him has opened near Woodward Avenue and 8 Mile.

Michael Toler, board member of ATU Local 26, said, “Jason was a good guy… Jason had a heart of gold, when this happened it broke us all.”

The goal of the transit center is to keep riders and bus drivers comfortable and out of the elements while transiting buses.

Michael Toler, board member of the union that represents DDOT bus operators, says the center is a game changer.

“This is something that was needed here and now it's finally here, so thank you Detroit,” Toler said.

Inside there are toilets, chairs and even a lounge area for staff.

Mayor Mike Duggan toured the center Saturday and also took a tour on a bus.

He talked about why it was so important to name the center after Hargrove.

“He served during COVID and died after contracting COVID while he was on the job,” Mayor Duggan said. “He epitomizes the spirit of DDOT drivers and I know his family appreciates the fact that he will be forever missed.”

About 35 buses per day and 25,000 riders per week are expected to pass through the new centre.

Some riders at the center Saturday were impressed by what they saw.

“It's great right here, we needed it right here,” said bus rider Joe Mikou.

,It's nice, it's not going to rain, it's great,” said Shawn Austin.

Detroit's new transit center will be named after a bus driver who died of COVID-19

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