Deve Gowda defended the alliance with the BJP, saying it would ‘never let the minorities down’. Siddaramaiah taunted the JD(S), asking ‘are they still secular?’ | India News

New Delhi: Former Prime Minister and Janata Dal (Secular) supremo Deve Gowda On Wednesday defended his party’s decision to join hands with the BJP in Karnataka and said the alliance was necessary to save the JD(S).
“This party has to be saved, which has been suffering and struggling for decades, and there is no selfishness in it. I have taken the decision,” Deve Gowda said.
The Congress has questioned the secular credibility of the JD(S) after the former Karnataka Chief Minister. HD Kumaraswamy Announced alliance with BJP for future. Lok Sabha Elections Previous Week.

The JD(S) is part of the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance.

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah slammed Deve Gowda and said it should not call itself a secular party after entering into an electoral alliance with the BJP for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.
“The name says secular. Are they secular now? Should we take them? Even after going with a communal party, they are still secular? Should we? Let them go with BJP or someone.” We don’t mind. They shouldn’t say they are secular, that’s it. They shouldn’t say Janata Dal is a secular party”, the CM said.
Several JD(S) leaders have resigned following the announcement, which followed the party’s defeat in the assembly elections. The JD(S) managed to win only 19 seats and lost a significant share of votes in the elections.

Reaching out to the minority community leaders within the JD(S), Deve Gowda said that there is nothing to fear because in 50 years of political struggle, they have not allowed injustice to any community from this party.
“We (JDS) have never compromised our secular reputation in politics and there is no question of doing so in future. I am saying this very clearly. Kumaraswamy to BJ “Before meeting the P leaders, I met the Union Home. The minister (Amit Shah), has nothing to hide, and discussed the political situation in Karnataka with him in detail,” Gowda said. said
Deve Gowda claimed that the JD(S) has not and will not disappoint the minorities. Gowda said that the party can form an alliance with anyone but the protection of minorities will continue.

BJP-JD(S) alliance will defeat Congress in next Karnataka elections: HD Kumaraswamy

The JD(S) patriarch also rejected allegations of practicing opportunistic politics.
“I want to make it very clear including the media — we are not power-hungry politicians,” the former prime minister said.
Despite their claims, the JD(S) has shared power with both the BJP and the Congress in the past.
The JD(S) had previously formed the government together with the BJP for 20 months from January 2006 and with the Congress for 14 months from May 2018 with Kumaraswamy as the Chief Minister.
Deve Gowda’s son and former Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy expressed dissatisfaction within the party over the saffron alliance.
Asked about some minority leaders’ plans to quit the JD(S), Kumaraswamy said, “Such things happen in politics, it’s not a big deal.” State President CM Ibrahim. We have not mistreated anyone.”
Kumaraswamy accused the Congress of trying to destroy secular forces and criticized Rahul Gandhi for calling the JD(S) the B-team of the BJP.
The former chief minister claimed that he received a call from Amit Shah when the JD(S) had formed an alliance with the Congress party. “If I had agreed, I would have become the chief minister for five years. I respected Deve Gowda’s words and went with the Congress,” Kumaraswamy asserted.
Kumaraswamy also accused the Congress of trying to “eliminate” the JD(S) after its alliance with the regional party.
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