Dia Mirza Rekhi reveals daughter Samaira hasn't called her 'mom' yet: 'She calls me…' | Unique

Dia Mirza spoke openly about Vaibhav Rekhi's daughter Samaira from her first marriage.

Dia Mirza spoke openly about Vaibhav Rekhi's daughter Samaira from her first marriage.

Dia Mirza Rekhi reveals how her stepdaughter Samaira addresses her and recalls the first time son Avyaan called her 'Mamma'.

Bollywood actress Dia Mirza Rekhi embraced motherhood long before welcoming her son Avyaan. The actress became a stepmother to her husband Vaibhav Rekhi's daughter Samaira, from her first marriage. However, in an exclusive conversation with News18 Shosha on the occasion of Mother's Day, Dia revealed that Adaira has not yet called her 'mother' or 'mamma'. Saying that Samaira's birth mother is her mother whom she calls 'Mamma', Dia said that she has no expectations from Samaira to call her 'Mamma'. So what does she address Diya as?

The Thappad star revealed that Samaira calls Diya by her name. “He didn't call me mom. There is no expectation from them to call me 'mother', 'mamma' or 'maa'. She has a mother whom she calls 'Mamma' or 'Mom'. She calls me 'Diya',” the actress told us. She added that out of courtesy to Samiara, Avyaan also calls her by her first name sometimes. “Thanks to her, now Avyaan also calls me 'Diya' sometimes. He says 'Diya Mom', it's so funny,” he said, laughing.

Diya also remembered that for the first time Avyan had called her 'Mother'. Admitting that her first word was 'tiger', Dia revealed that it was months later that Avyan called her 'mother' for the first time. “Oh my God, I will never forget that day. She called mom much later. I think it was a good three months before he started speaking words. It was a beautiful moment because all the flowers in the balcony had started blooming and a lot of butterflies were coming on the flowers, and he was in my arms,'' she recalled.

“I was showing him the butterflies and I was walking through the plants because there were three to four butterflies there for him to look at closely. She suddenly looked at me and said, 'Mumma', I said, 'Oh my God!' What just happened.' Interestingly, my husband had his camera and he was recording me showing the butterflies to Avyan, so we had the entire moment captured on camera. It was magical,” said Diya.

Dia welcomed Avyaan in 2021, when she was 39 years old. The actress has often been sharing pictures and videos of the little one on Instagram.

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