Dial 112 Response Time: Gzb, Noida Top 2 In Dial 112 Response Time | Ghaziabad News

Ghaziabad: The city's police topped the state in responding to March emergency complaints. With an average of 5 minutes and 10 seconds this month, the Force performed best in this category for the 11th month running. 25 seconds. This is a significant improvement from May last year, when the average time to respond was 7 minutes and 56 seconds. The response time improved significantly from the following month. As of March 2023, the district was ranked third in the list. And since May, it has been at the top. Police Commissioner Ajay Kumar Mishra said that city police personnel receive around 500 calls every day. In March this year, it took 5 minutes and 8 seconds for police in urban areas to reach the point from which distress calls were made. On the other hand, in villages, the average response time was 5 minutes and 20 seconds. According to Mishra, police teams took only 3 minutes to reach the crime scene in 40% of emergency cases. “Our aim is to reduce the average time to less than 5 minutes. For this we have added 20 PCR vehicles to our Dial 112 fleet. These include eight SUVs. Now, we have 140 PCR vans. and are planning to add more in the future.” So, how does the system work? When a call is made to the Dial 112 emergency line, a control room routes the call to a PCR van that is closest to the caller's location. During rush hours, it obviously takes more time for the cops to reach the location. “In such cases, when a PCR van takes more time to locate the location on its own, the cops have to call the person and ask for directions. The process takes extra time, which slows down the reaction.” Mishra added. The police chief also spoke about Sawira's initiative, which aims to help elderly people living alone. Under this scheme, names, addresses and phone numbers of senior citizens in the area are easily available to police officials. “Senior citizens living alone are more prone to crime as well as health emergencies. Since the ambulance services and all other emergency services operating under 108 – 181 (for women in distress), 1090 (women's powerline) and 101 (fire services) – are integrated with dial 112, registered seniors Citizens can be extended services for all emergencies. They call the emergency helpline,” Mishra said. “As soon as a registered person calls dial 112, a police team can reach them without any delay or confusion. Soon plan.

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