Disney’s Loki silent on alleged use of generative AI

A promotional poster for the second season of bottle gourd Disney Plus has sparked controversy among professional designers after claims it was at least partially created using generative AI. illustrator Catria Raden marked the image on (formerly Twitter) claimed last week that the spiral clock image in the background was “all the AI ​​telltale signs, like things are randomly turning into meaningless squiggles” – sometimes dropped by AI-image generators. Reference to artworks.

The creative community is concerned that AI image generators are being trained on their work without consent and could be used to replace human artists. Disney had previously received criticism regarding the use of generic AI in another Marvel series, secret attackDespite the studio insisting that using AI tools would not diminish the roles of actual designers on the project.

Visual errors such as strange links, blurred letters and ‘meaningless squiggles’ can be seen in the image – suggesting that the background was created using generative AI.
Image: Disney/Marvel/ the verge

Several According to @thepokeflutist Who bought the stock image, it was published to Shutterstock this year – ruling out the possibility of it being too old to be AI-generated – and has no embedded metadata to confirm how the image was created . Several AI image checkers that scanned the stock image also marked it as AI-generated.

AI-generated stock imagery is a real issue for many creative professionals. As Raden says: “Licensing photos and illustrations to stock sites has been a way for many hard-working artists to make a living. I don’t think replacing them with fantasy generated through technology based on mass exploitation and wage theft is any more ethical than Disney replacing its employees.

Companies like Adobe and Getty are also promoting ways to make AI-generated content commercially viable, but it’s unclear whether these platforms are any better than Shutterstock at moderating submissions that don’t follow their contributor rules. We do.

The poster has been widely distributed on platforms such as Apple’s App Store since its release.
Image: Apple/Disney/Marvel

It is also unclear whether generic AI was used elsewhere by Disney to create promotional materials. bottle gourd, Some? x user Considering their awkward positioning, it has been speculated that it may have been used on parts of the image, like the smaller characters surrounding Tom Hiddleston’s Loki. Disney ignored our request to clarify whether AI was used in bottle gourd Promotional art, and to confirm whether the company licensed the Shutterstock image above.

The reasoning here is that since the clock image used for Loki is not labeled as AI-generated by Shutterstock, Disney would not be aware of its origin. Still, it would be easy for most graphic designers to spot errors present in a stock image, so including random artifacts in the final poster does not bode well for Disney’s design or editing process.

The creative industry has become saturated with AI-powered tools like Adobe Firefly and Canva Magic Studio over the past year. These tools are intended to make things easier for people with limited design experience, and are generally promoted to organizations that want to produce affordable art on a large scale. Stock images are often used by companies because they are fast, affordable, and accessible, reducing the need to hire experienced designers to create content from scratch. As AI-generated stocks are also growing in popularity, it’s easy to understand why creative professionals are concerned about the future of their industry.

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