Doctors worried as dengue cases rise in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Doctors have warned that viral diseases, including dengue, and non-viral diseases are spreading in the city with the onset of the monsoon season. Doctors are particularly cautious about dengue, which follows a cyclical pattern, as indicated in a recent WHO study that showed alternate years of increase and decrease.

Since dengue cases have declined in the last two years, it is expected to increase this year.

Referring to this trend, Government Fever Hospital superintendent Dr K Shankar said they have noticed a slight increase in dengue cases. “In the past week, we have seen four dengue cases, and we are providing them symptomatic treatment,” he said. The hospital is also treating patients with vomiting, stomach flu, typhoid and upper respiratory diseases. Currently, the hospital has 80-90 in-patients and around 700 out-patients.

Among viral infections, the hospital has reported cases of chikungunya, viral hepatitis and respiratory illnesses with swine flu-like symptoms, though the numbers are low. “There is no need to panic, but we need to be cautious,” said Dr Shankar.

He advised citizens to drink boiled water, drink plenty of fluids and rush to the nearest hospital if they have a fever above 101º F for more than three days, joint pains, body ache and rashes on the body.

“Patients who show symptoms of dengue are tested with a dengue kit and if they are found positive, they are given fluids and symptomatic relief. The platelet count is checked. It should not be less than 20,000,” said Dr Shankar.

Doctors running private clinics in Attapur, Nallakunta and Nacharam have noticed a rise in dengue cases. “Seven out of 10 patients in my clinic are dengue patients. A similar rise is being observed by my colleagues in other areas. However, the symptoms are the usual ones of dengue: high fever with joint and muscle pain,” said Dr Prashanth Reddy, who runs a clinic in Attapur.

Keeping an eye on fever is important as Dr Prashant said, “One of my patients had no symptoms except high fever but later developed dengue.” Doctors have not reported any serious cases that required hospitalisation so far.

At PHCs, viral fever and stomach flu are accounting for the majority of cases. “Eight cases of viral fever have been reported today, and the number of patients with common cold, cough, upper respiratory infections is also on the rise. For dengue, we saw just one patient last week,” said a PHC official from Kushaiguda.

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