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Homeowners say their new homes built by DR Horton are practically falling apart.

D.R. Horton Homes

America's Homebuilder

“We can laugh a little bit now, but it was horrifying,” Preston said. “My wife was crying most of the time when we were going through this.”

Knowles's 166-page inspection report found problems in nearly every part of the home. Missing pipes, doors installed incorrectly, insulation too thin, structural integrity of the roof compromised, and multiple code violations were all noted during the inspection.

But Preston isn't the only one who says they're living through this nightmare, and it's not just in Berkeley County.

In 2021, Scott Molave ​​and his family moved to the Somerville neighborhood with their home built in 2019. Two months after moving in, the roof buckled.

“When they were actually putting the shingles on, they weren't using the correct number of nails or materials,” Molave ​​said.

The roof caved in again in February 2023 and again in January 2024. The most recent roof problem came with a price tag of $17,500.

This terrible DR Horton build quality is going to kill someone.

These stories have been going on for years. Here's one from 2022.

Lawyer explains consequences of claims of poorly designed DR Horton homes

Attorneys for Acadiana homeowners who are suing over the collapse of their homes have released photos of what they found.

Findings include poorly ventilated homes, mold and high indoor humidity levels.

Baton Rouge attorney Lance Unglesby and Lafayette attorney Alan Haney say they found more than 50 homes built by DR Horton, known as American Home Builders, defective.

Hoy Cook of Jennings says he's a homeowner whose home was built unevenly and had broken doors.

“There were crooked walls. They worked on it for a week and came back,” Cook said. “If it's a word it was 'badder scoundrel.' My garage door that they had put in had fallen off. I paid a guy out of my own pocket to come out and they put him in the back.”

Nureka Ross of Lafayette says she almost bought the DR Horton-designed home. Ross posted a Facebook video of his emotional experience.

“I was disturbed to see them placing planks directly on the wood. I was like 'something is not right.' When you know something is wrong you know and you can't put your finger on it,'' Ross said.

Doesn't anyone research anything anymore? The biggest expense of one's lifetime and no one bothers to do even the minimum check on the quality of these builders.

I would be ashamed to admit that I worked for a company with these kinds of problems.

Home prices reach new record high

The Case-Shiller national home price index reached a new high in February. This is the latest data. Economists do not count this as inflation.

CS National Top 10 Metro CPI OER 2024 02 1
Case-Shiller national and 10-city indices via rents from the St. Louis Fed, OER, CPI and BLS

On May 2, I noted Home prices hit new record high, don't worry, it's not inflation

The Case-Shiller national home price index reached a new high in February. This is the latest data. Economists do not count this as inflation.

Somehow, I suspect this is not the case in DR Horton's homes either.

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