Ekta apologizes, partially withdraws controversial monetization plan

Image: Unity

After doing a terrible job of communicating a controversial new pricing plan (which reportedly resulted in a threat to blow oneself up with a bomb), Unity Technologies has apologized again for the “confusion and anger” it caused. Have withdrawn some of their conditions. look at answer From the developers in the community, this doesn’t seem to be nearly enough.

In an open letter to the community published Friday, Mark Whitten, responsible for both the Unity engine and editor teams, said: “I’m sorry. We should have talked to more of you, and we needed more of your feedback before making the announcement. Our new runtime fee policy. Our goal with this policy is to ensure that we can continue to support you today and tomorrow and continue to invest deeply in our game engine.”

As such, the Unity Personal plan remains free, and no runtime charges will be imposed on games built into the Unity Personal or Plus plans, only applicable to Pro and Enterprise. The limit will be increased from $100,000 to $200,000, and developers will not be required to include “Made with Unity” splash screens.

The installation fee is still a factor, but it will not be applied retroactively, but will instead affect those installing the upcoming LTS (long term support) version, which will be released in 2024. How anyone can have enough games to start a new project What the platform will be like after all this is anyone’s guess, but we believe only time will tell.

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