Elderly village man stuns the internet with Rs 10 crore stake in L&T and UltraTech

An elderly man living in a rural village has become an internet sensation for owning shares worth crores despite his simple lifestyle. The story came to light through a viral social media post shared by user Rajeev Mehta, who claimed that the elderly man has collected shares of L&T and UltraTech worth over Rs 10 crore.

In a candid conversation in his native language, he revealed the names and values ​​of his various shareholdings. Since initial sharing, the video has been viewed over 1 million times.

According to the post, the elderly man has a good amount of money. Rs 80 crore in L&T shares. Rs 21 crore in UltraTech Cement shares and additional Rs. Rs 1 crore in Karnataka Bank shares. Adding to the intrigue, the elderly man revealed that he earns around Rs. Earns an annual dividend income of Rs. Rs 6 lakh from his investment.

This has taken the online community by surprise, prompting many to calculate the dividends he receives from his large portfolio.

Internet users immediately applauded the man’s approach, one of which emphasized the “power of simplicity” and the benefits of long-term investing and avoiding impulsive selling. Another user expressed his appreciation, saying, “Good to see a common man have good stocks in his portfolio.”

However, some people have raised legitimate questions about the practicality of accumulating wealth without enjoying its benefits. One user highlighted the importance of not only living a simple life but also deriving joy from your money. “There is nothing wrong in living a simple life, but what is important is whether he is enjoying his wealth. If not, his investment and money is worthless,” the user wrote.

While others pointed out that money, like fuel, is most valuable when it serves a purpose. “Then what is the matter? Money is like fuel, what’s the point if you have a lot of money in the tank and have no use for it? Simplicity is one thing but not being able to spend anything on yourself is another thing. See, many savers find it very difficult to go into spending mode when they have enough money,” the user wrote.

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