Elderly woman dies two days after claiming meeting with God, her full conversation revealed

An elderly woman sparked controversy when she revealed that she saw God and had a deep conversation with him during night prayers, however, she died two days later.

This was revealed in a video available on a popular social media platform.

In the above video, the elderly lady is seen sitting calmly on a chair as she narrates the story of an encounter with God and reveals everything that happened to her.

Speaking to her family in her conversation with God, she said: “You see the prayer that I say every night? I was praying when God appeared to me, and he said to me. , 'You better take a bath.' I said, 'I'm showered' and dressed because you'll have to follow me.

“And I said, where am I going? He said I'm going to heaven and I said I don't know if I'm a good girl. He said you were the best, you were good to everybody. Stay and now, I will be good to you and you must come with me.

“And I said to her, do you want me to wear a long dress or a shirt dress? She said 'you can dress however you want because you're going to be queen for the day'.”

She concluded that this was the conversation when she told the young man sitting next to her that she would watch over him from heaven and make sure he became a good man, a good husband and a good father.

She promised that she would see him from there in heaven.

He also made several other statements in the video, a video that caught the attention of many who stormed the post's comment page to share their thoughts.

Check out some of the reactions below:

Fel: “God and the Holy Spirit visited me after my daughter passed, God said b4 I pray that I give my daughter to him, then I saw her lying in my arms. HS my Pass stood up and said he was better off.”

chipomushuku: “I wish people could learn from such testimonies that God is real.”

Rhonda Cartier: “Before my brother died when he was 12, he said an angel came to him and told him not to be afraid and that he was coming to get him. I believe the angel himself before he passed. Shows to some people. My grandmother was 94 years old. I saw her talking to people who came to pick her up. She was gone for 2 seconds It was exciting.

Bianca Harrell Chow: “When I worked as a hospice caretaker, I loved hearing what they would see. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 God is always good.”

Lady Norrie: “What a lovely meeting with Jehovah. I'm sorry for your loss, but he's got heaven.”

Tess: “I love it.. He's precious, I'm so sorry for your loss. My 12 year old son came to me the day after he passed and told me he was in heaven and he'd see me again one day. 🙏🏻 is a paradise.”

Watch the video below:


♬ Original Voice – Hypno Erin 🇵🇸


♬ Original Voice – Hypno Erin 🇵🇸

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