Ended COVID-19 testing? How to check if it’s still good

Summer is almost over and as students return to school and adults return to the workplace, COVID-19 cases have surged. Home COVID testing has also seen a rise as we try to determine whether our symptoms are related to the common cold or COVID. Many of us still have existing stock of tests at home with expiration dates that have already come and gone, but don’t throw them away without first checking if their expiration dates are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. has been increased.

To check, visit the FDA website fda.gov and search for expiration dates on over-the-counter coronavirus tests. Where the expiration date has been extended, FDA lists home tests by manufacturer, test name, and lot number, and indicates how long the expiration date has been extended. They also show a picture of the test box because many tests may look alike. If you’re still unsure, call a trusted medical provider.

More information at marincountyda.org or 415-473-6495

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