England's Jude Bellingham under investigation for actions during Slovakia win, Declan Rice spared punishment

Jude Bellingham is being investigated by UEFA after he appeared to point obscenely at the Slovakia bench after scoring England's equalizer from an overhead kick.

Despite being pointed out earlier Athletic While Bellingham is not expected to face any punishment for his actions, Uefa released a statement later on Monday saying the 21-year-old had been charged with “the basics of decent behaviour”. “Investigation will be conducted regarding potential violations of the rules.” It remains to be seen whether this will result in disciplinary action. This article has been updated to reflect UEFA's statement.

Bellingham scored a last-minute equalizer to force the game into extra time, before Harry Kane scored the winner to set up a quarter-final tie against Switzerland on Saturday.

Bellingham followed up his 95th-minute strike at Gelsenkirchen with an obscene gesture towards the Slovakian bench.

According to the Laws of the Game, any “obscene gestures” or “aggressive or insulting actions” should be punished with a red card.

Bellingham later claimed on social media that it was an “inside joke” directed at his close friends who were at the game. He added that he had nothing but respect for how the Slovakian team played tonight.

Declan Rice, meanwhile, is set to avoid any previous action for his post-match altercation with Slovakia manager Francesco Calzona.

Calzona shoved Rice in the chest as the Slovakian boss approached the full-time referee, Amit Miller.

Rhys appeared ready to shake Calzona's hand but reacted when the opposing manager pushed him and the Arsenal midfielder looked as if he was going to push him back. Evan Toney then led Rice when another member of the opposition coaching staff confronted him. England's second-choice goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale also rushed to the scene to defuse the situation.

UEFA's statement on Bellingham's investigation also confirmed that the English FA had been charged with “discipline or lack of discipline by supporters” and “fireworks” during Slovakia's win. have gone

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