Every new and old killstreak in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 explained

Sledgehammer announced Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 to arrive in stores on November 10th. With the game launching soon, the developers have already launched an open beta for players to test the game. The remake of the original 2011 game is set to bring back many of the fun features from the original game. Players will experience the return of many favorite features from the original MW3.

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When players think of the best features of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, the first thing that comes to their mind is the killstreak feature. This feature has always been a driving mechanic for multiplayer modes in COD. That being said, fans are wondering if this feature will return in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Will fans see the return of killstreaks in Call of Duty MW3?


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Sledgehammer has worked on bringing back some of the most popular features from the original game. Many fans are excited about the return of infamous weapons like the ACR. On the other hand, some fans are hoping for the return of killstreaks in the PvP game mode. During the game’s open beta, many players got to experience the return of killstreaks and also got to see a new feature.

In the upcoming Modern Warfare 3, it has been confirmed from the open beta that killstreaks will return to the game. Although most of the mechanics will remain the same, there will be some changes to the features. Killstreaks are rewards obtained by achieving a number of kills without dying. Players can equip three killstreaks at a time, and they range from powerful air support to revealing enemy locations. In Modern Warfare 3, killstreaks do not earn kills that contribute to the streak, as was seen in the prequel.

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Modern Warfare 3 introduces Scorestreaks, which allows players to unlock rewards not only through kills but also by capturing assists and objectives. The score required for scorestreaks is slightly higher than that for killstreaks.


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New killstreaks added to the game

There are eight killstreaks in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 beta, each with unique abilities and score requirements. Here is the full list of killstreaks with their descriptions and required skills:

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  1. UAV: UAV reconstruction ship that reveals enemy locations on the minimap. (4 kills/500 score)
  2. Mosquito Drone: Explosive drone that circles around the area where the drone is launched. Dive into enemies and fire bombs to make them explode. (4 kills/500 score)
  3. Sam Turret: Launch targeted missile strikes against air vehicles. (4 kills/500 score)
  4. Guardian-SC: A beam-shaped, non-lethal, area-negation weapon. Enemies that enter the beam suffer the same effects as a stun grenade, such as reduced movement speed, blurred vision, and removed UI. (5 kills/625 scores)
  5. Counter-UAV: A drone that destroys all enemy minimaps. (5 kills/625 scores)
  6. SAE: Call for a trio of jets to drop aerial explosives on designated targets. (7 kills/875 scores)
  7. Remote Turret: Automated turret that scans nearby enemies and fires incendiary rounds. The operator can also take manual control of the turret. (7 kills/875 scores)
  8. Juggernaut Recon: Delivered by Juggernaut Recon Gear Care Package. The suit is equipped with a radar that monitors nearby enemies. Riot shield included. (8 kills/1,000 scores)
  9. MGB: Mass Guided Bombs serve as a tactical nuke in previous games, once deployed, the game ends and the team that deployed this weapon automatically wins (30 kills).


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The developers are likely to release new rewards for killstreaks in the game. However, in the open beta, only the above 9 have been implemented. As the new game gets closer, players may be ready to dive into some classic COD action.

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