Exploring the origins, effects, lore, and more in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

The enchanting world of Pokémon brings captivating creatures and rich lore to each new generation, with surprising inspirations behind them. In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, the latest additions to the popular franchise, we encounter two legendary Pokémon that stand out with their mysterious origins and profound effects.

In this article, we’ll embark on a journey into the fascinating concept behind Miradon, one of the two legends – exploring its name, inspiration, lore, and more.

MiradonInspiration in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Box Legendary Coradon and Miradon (image via The Pokemon Company)

legendary pokemon of paldia

Miradon takes center stage as one of the “box art giants” for Pokemon Violet, distinguishing itself due to its deep connection with the Iberian Peninsula, specifically Spain and Portugal. While dragons have always held an important place in European folklore, they were not particularly prominent in Iberian culture.

Yet, to find out the inspiration for Miradon, we have to delve deeper into the coat of arms of the House of Braganza, the royal house of Portugal.

A wealthy and influential noble family, the House of Braganza played a significant role in shaping world history during the Renaissance. He introduced tea to Great Britain and founded the country of Brazil. Remarkably, the Braganza family remains the royal family of Portugal to this day.

Their coat of arms consists of a shield supported by two wyverns topped by a crown. These wyverns and the crown hold deep symbolism, acting as the bridge that connects both Coradon and Miradon to their dragon origins.

Comparison with the coat of arms (image via The Pokémon Company and Wikipedia)

Although neither of Coradon and Miradon qualify as true wyverns due to their four intact limbs, their association with the crown firmly establishes their dragon-inspired lineage.

Within the pages of the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet books, we encounter a mysterious egg-like object that has been given importance. This object is considered to be a manifestation of Terrapagos.

It symbolizes not only the crown, but also the shield and the entire coat of arms, which is represented by a turtle, which matches seamlessly with the appearance of the terrapagos.

Miradon’s name unveiled

Miradon from the anime (image via The Pokemon Company)

The franchise often features names that have hidden meanings that connect deeply to a creature’s characteristics and themes. For Miradon, its name holds the key to its identity.

“Mirai” is the Japanese word for “future”. This choice of name subtly hints at Violet’s central theme, which revolves around the concept of the future.

Additionally, the inclusion of “Raidō” in Miradon’s name, a Japanese pronunciation or transliteration of “ride”, reflects its role as a rideable creature. Its appearance may take inspiration from the Komodo dragon, the largest species of lizard, which is in line with its dragon-type.

However, “Don” in Spanish adds another layer of significance pointing to the royal aspect of Miradon.

Interesting Motorcycle Connections

One of the most attractive aspects of the Miradon is its design, which ingeniously incorporates elements of futuristic motorcycles and technology. Although this design choice may initially seem unconventional, it matches harmoniously with the culture of the Iberian Peninsula, especially Spain, which is famous for its enthusiastic motorcycle culture.

The Iberian Peninsula has picturesque terrain ideal for biking, with mountains, trails and a climate favorable for mountain biking all year round. Spain’s deep affection for motorcycles is evident in its high motorcycle ownership per capita, with bustling cities like Barcelona home to a significant population of motorcycles.

Furthermore, the influence of motorcycle racing, exemplified by MotoGP headquartered in Madrid, contributes significantly to Spain’s motorcycle culture.

The sleek and futuristic designs of superbikes used in prestigious races like MotoGP seamlessly reflect the design of the Miradon. It looks like a jet-powered motorbike reminiscent of the iconic light cycles from Tron’s sci-fi universe.

Miradon’s Unique Abilities and Traits

Players get a chance to ride Miradon in Paladia (image via The Pokemon Company)

Miradon’s extraordinary abilities and characteristics take inspiration from various species of lizard. Its climbing ability is similar to that of its long-toed gecko counterparts, allowing it to rapidly climb rocks and trees. The ability to run fast comes from the black spiny-tailed iguana, which has been known to reach impressive speeds of up to 21 mph.

Its bipedal stance is derived from that of basilisk-like lizards, which can stand upright and even run on water. The swimming ability comes from marine iguanas, while the jumping ability comes from lizards like Anolis and Agama lizards. The flying aspect is attributed to the common flying dragon, which is beautifully displayed through the wings of Miradon’s majestic head.

Interesting Lore: Forbidden Knowledge of Miradon

Miradon’s Pokédex entry (image via The Pokemon Company)

The lore of Miradon takes us on an unexpected journey, introducing the concept of “informational threats.” The term refers to information that could cause harm simply by being known, often referred to as ‘forbidden knowledge’.

In the realm of information threats, a disturbing thought experiment emerges, Roko’s Basilisk. The experiment revolves around an advanced AI that wishes to punish those who know of its existence but who did not aid in its creation. The eerie similarities between Miradon’s interpretation of AI and the Basilisk raise deep questions about the true nature and motivations of this creature.

Miradon’s conversation in the game (image via The Pokemon Company)

The Basilisk itself is a creature from Greek mythology, resembling a serpent with dragon-like features. It has the ability to frighten people with its gaze. Miradon’s Pokédex entry describes it as cruel, which further strengthens this connection.

Nevertheless, Mirdon’s in-game behavior adds a layer of complexity to his character, primarily because players have the opportunity to aid and befriend this mysterious creature.

Miradon emerges as a multifaceted creature, weaving together folklore, real-world influences, and evocative concepts. It challenges our understanding of mythical creatures while promoting contemplation on the nature of knowledge and power within the Pokémon universe.

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