FC 24 Foundation 3 SBC

The Squad Building Challenge for EA FC 24 has opened its doors to all players on the web app, and one of the initial challenges is the Foundation 3 SBC. Although this challenge may seem straightforward, it holds significant importance due to the modifications EA Sports has made to Ultimate Team. As always, there are several ways to approach this challenge while keeping costs to a minimum.

The primary objective here is to determine the cards required to complete all tasks. The best approach is to understand the requirements of each job and identify the most appropriate card for each.

Given that EA FC 24 is just starting, it is advisable to complete this challenge using the cards you have already acquired from the starter pack you have opened in the game.

EA FC 24 Foundation 3 SBC is relatively easy to complete

Successful completion of Foundation 1 grants access to Foundation 3 SBC and all other challenges. We see four different functions in the third group. Each task comes with a specific set of requirements, but you should have no trouble completing them using the cards from your starter pack.

foundation iii

  • Challenge 1 – League: Include at least two common players from the same league.
  • Challenge 2 – Advanced League: Create a team with a total of three normal players, including two players from the same league and one player from another league.
  • Challenge 3 – Nations: Add two normal players with the same nationality to your team.
  • Challenge 4 – Advanced Nations: Create a team of a total of three normal players, including two players from the same country and one player from another country.

If you plan strategically the lowest possible cost to meet these challenges should not be at all. As mentioned earlier, gaining access to the Foundation 3 SBC requires you to complete the Foundation 3 SBC first, which will in turn provide you with enough Bronze Fodder Packs to help you complete these tasks.

Upon completing the full set, you will receive four additional packs including the Group Reward Pack, which is two rare Gold Players Packs. Since this challenge is one of the basic challenges, it will remain available in EA FC 24 indefinitely.

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