Federal government to relaunch website for free Covid tests

WASHINGTON, DC (Nexstar) — Starting Monday, you can again get free COVID testing from the federal government. The Biden administration is digging into their stockpile to restart its free testing program and paying $600 million to U.S. manufacturers to conduct more testing.

The website COVIDtests.gov will reopen on September 25 and will allow every American household to order four free tests.

“We think it’s really important for people to know that they can get tested to know if they have the disease,” said Don O’Connell, assistant secretary for preparedness and response at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. “

O’Connell says the tests will come from the federal stockpile they’ve created.

The Biden administration is also paying $600 million to various US manufacturers to produce more COVID tests for future use. O’Connell calls it a strategic investment aimed at strengthening our own supply chains.

“To have this domestic manufacturing capacity and invest our dollars in that now, to produce COVID tests when we need them, and also to be able to manufacture future tests,” O’Connell said For.”

But people’s perception about the virus has changed and the precautions they are taking have also changed.

Dr. Amesh Adalja of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security says this is not surprising.

“As people become at risk of becoming impervious to COVID-19, their urgency to get tested or to take paxlovid or to stay up to date on their vaccines is reduced,” Adalja said.

As immunity wanes and people move indoors with the changing weather, they predict we could see another COVID surge.

“The way we make it something that doesn’t disrupt our lives is to use the tools that science and medicine have given us to make our lives easier in a world where COVID “There is an ever-present danger.”

Even if public concern is low, the Biden administration believes their efforts will help reduce the spread

“The important thing for us is to make the equipment available. “We believe this is an extremely important arrow in our quiver to protect the American people,” O’Connell said.

When it comes to prevention, Dr. Adalja says convenience makes a difference.

“The easier it is for people to get tested and know their status, the easier it is for them to take the right action,” Adalja said.

He also says the updated COVID booster will be an important tool to fight the virus, especially for high-risk individuals.

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