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Fast charging is quickly (unconsciously) becoming an integral part of our tech lives. The days when we went to sleep and left our phones plugged into a power outlet and hoped they would be fully charged by morning are long gone. Today, a phone that takes longer than an hour to charge is not preferred (although some super premium phones are pretty sluggish in this regard, and don't even include chargers in their packages). And super fast charging isn't just limited to smartphones, notebooks and tablets also charge much faster than before.

There's a catch, though. Fast charging requires a fast charger. Yes, many devices that support fast charging come with their own chargers, which means you'll have to keep multiple chargers in your backpack, which can make it quite bulky, as most fast chargers are quite bulky and some are almost as big and heavy or even heavier than the phones they charge. Luckily, there are third-party chargers that can not only charge devices faster but also come with multiple ports, allowing you to charge more than one device at a time. Unfortunately, these are quite expensive – even the super budget-friendly Amazon Basic 65W Multi-Port Charger costs around Rs 2,000. Luckily (again), one of them has become very affordable, which is why we're talking about it here.

A compact, smart charger…now at half the price

CMF Power 65W Charger It can charge three devices at once (Express Photo)

We are talking about the CMF Power 65W, which was released late last year as part of the first products released by Nothing's more budget-friendly sub-brand CMF. The CMF Power 65W was launched at a price of Rs 2,999, and that is still its official price today. However, some of its variants are available on Amazon for Rs 1,499, which is almost half the launch price. We found the CMF Power 65W to be a very good charger even at its original price of Rs 2,999. At Rs 1499, it becomes one of the best third-party fast chargers you can buy for not too much money.

The CMF Power 65W is very compact by fast charging standards – it's almost square-shaped, measuring 56.6mm tall and 55mm wide, and not too thick at 30mm (by charger standards). It's only 150 grams heavy, making it easy to carry around in a bag and even in a jacket pocket. It's very sturdily built and made of polycarbonate, and comes with three ports: two USB Type-C and one traditional USB-A. It has a two-pin connector with smooth rounded metal pins, and because of its compact form factor, it can fit into most power outlets without overbalancing or falling over (a problem we face with some chargers). In a very innovative touch, CMF offers the charger in two colors

Fast charging on all three ports

CMF Power 65W Charger All three ports support fast charging (Express Photo)

The compact, solid design helps, but what makes the CMF Power 65 a great proposition at its price is its performance. The charger uses gallium nitride (GaN) technology for fast charging and this makes it compatible with almost every device, as it supports all major charging protocols including PD3.0, QC4.0+/3.0/2.0, SCP, FCP, PPS, AFC, Samsung 9V2A, DCP and Apple 2.4A. And all three of its ports can deliver very fast charging performance – both USB Type-C ports can charge at speeds up to 65W, while the Type-A has a charging speed of 36W. And if you choose to charge multiple devices at the same time, you still get pretty good charging speeds – if you charge two devices from the Type-C port, one will charge at 45W (which is still fast enough for most smartphones, and good enough for many notebooks) and the other will charge at 20W (close to the maximum charging speed for an iPhone!).

Festive offer

Use Type-A and Type-C together and the first will give you 45W, while the second will provide a much faster 45W charge. It's only when you fully charge and charge three devices at the same time that the charging speed drops – if all three ports are connected, one Type-C port will charge at 45W, while the other two will charge at 7.5W. The key thing to note here is that no matter how many devices you want to charge (one, two or three), at least one device will charge much faster.

A great charger that doesn't break the bank on price

CMF Power 65W Charger A compact and fast charger (Express Photo)

These are not just numbers. The CMF Power 65 was able to charge our iPhone 15 to about 65-70 percent in half an hour and took a little over two hours to charge a MacBook Air. It was also comfortably charging our OnePlus Buds Pro and smartwatch. The charger can get a little warm, but it never reaches uncomfortable levels and comes with the assurance of multiple safety measures including overheating, excessive current, and short circuit.

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All of this in a form factor that is incredibly compact. Yes, it would have been nice to have a cable or two or maybe some kind of charging speed indicator with it, but that's just our preference. At Rs.1499, the CMF Power 65 is definitely the best fast charger you can find for multiple devices! It was a pretty good deal even at Rs.2,999, with a fifty percent discount, making it irresistible for those who want power at fast speeds.

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