First Google, now Samsung wants Apple to adopt RCS

Apple iPhone 15 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Situation 2

Robert Triggs/Android Authority


  • Samsung is also joining Google in pushing Apple to adopt RCS.
  • Samsung US has posted a new satirical short focused on the Green Bubble vs. Blue Bubble divide.
  • Apple has been avoiding accepting RCS.

For some time now, Google has been pressuring Apple to support Rich Communications Services (RCS) messaging. It has even resorted to taking jabs at the Cupertino firm through videos and articles. Now Samsung is also starting to join the fight and is trying to embarrass Apple into adopting the communications protocol.

In a brief 20-second video posted on Samsung US’s YouTube channel, the tech giant attempts a little humor by poking fun at the green vs. blue bubble split. The situation in the video is presented as two lovers who want to be together, but the parents (Apple) are forcing them to live apart. It eventually ends with the blue bubble, “And literally everyone wants us to be together. Ugh.”

Google introduced RCS for Android users in 2019. According to the company, the messaging standard now has more than 800 million users as of May and is on track to have one billion by the end of the year. Google has been the most vocal in asking Apple to adopt RCS with its Get Messages campaign. Since this also impacts Samsung, it’s no surprise that it has joined in on throwing shade in Apple’s direction.

Despite all the peer pressure Apple is facing, it has not yet considered changing iMessage to support RCS. The company has also avoided talking anything meaningful about RCS. This latest video from Samsung probably won’t sway Apple’s opinion. However, perhaps at some point, Apple will finally be convinced to play nice with Android.

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