Footbridge: The footbridge connecting Ghaziabad RRTS and Bus Adda Metro Station is delayed Ghaziabad News

Ghaziabad: Nine months have passed since the commercial operation of the 17-km priority section of the rapid rail began, but the foot overbridge connecting the Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation Ghaziabad Rapid Rail station on the Red Line to the Shaheedstal New Bus Adda Metro Station has not been constructed. has done the way NCRTC officials said the delay was due to design changes and problems in land procurement and the work would take at least six months if it were to start soon. As per the plan, a FOB — 300m long and 4.5m wide — will connect the two stations so that passengers can access it without exiting. “The merger of the two stations was planned at the very initial stage of the high-speed rail project, which not only started commercial operations on the priority stretch but also added an additional 17 km stretch to Modinagar, and now to Meerut. is being extended. Despite the significant progress made by the NCRTC in the last four and a half years, they have not been able to construct the FOB connecting the two stations even after the passage of nine months,” said a passenger. Sanjay Mishra said. He added that the two stations are 500 meters apart, but since the Meerut tri-section is one of the busiest areas in the city, access to the stations is difficult. He said that passengers are left with the option of only taking e-Rakha or three-wheelers to reach the stations. Meanwhile, NCRTC officials said the delay was due to design changes and problems in land procurement. “For direct connectivity between Ghaziabad Rapid Rail Station and Shaheedstal New Bus Adda Metro Station, a 300-metre FOB has been planned, but due to design changes and land acquisition reasons Due to civil work not yet started. GMC and even private parties. The design has been changed, and the foundation of the FOB is being laid, and civil work will be done after that. ” The official said the FOB will be ready by December, but steps have been taken for multi-modal connectivity to other high-speed rail stations. “For example the Sahibabad rapid railway station, which has been integrated with the UPSRTC bus depot at Kushambi,” the official added.

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