Former DHHR worker gets probation after lying to investigators about Covid testing kits

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Charleston, W.Va. – A former state DHHR worker who lied to federal investigators looking into possible COVID fraud will be on federal probation for a year.

Priddy Timothy
timothy priddy

Timothy Priddy, 49, of Buffalo, was sentenced in federal court on Monday after an earlier guilty plea.

Priddy told investigators that he approved invoices from a large COVID testing kit provider regarding K-12 testing kits only after the invoices were verified by two other state employees. He admitted during his guilty plea that what he said was not true.

U.S. Attorney Will Thompson said Priddy certified K-12 testing program invoices without making any effort to verify their accuracy.

“If he had simply told us that he was very busy and did not have time to do this it would have been a completely different outcome for him and perhaps understandable under the conditions of Covid, but no, he doubled down Went and lied about it,'' Thompson previously told MetroNews.

Thompson said Priddy was first interviewed in connection with a larger investigation into testing kit purchases. He said Priddy's decision not to tell the truth almost scuttled the investigation.

“It hasn't stopped completely but it probably won't go very far. His involvement in not telling the truth really diminished our investigation significantly,” Thompson said.

Thompson said there was no indication that Priddy was receiving kickbacks from suppliers.

Priddy, who had no previous criminal history, faced up to five years in federal prison and $250,000, but he received nothing. He was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Thomas Johnson.

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