Former Thai Prime Minister Shinawatra will be indicted for defaming the monarchy.

BANGKOK (APP) Thai prosecutors said on Wednesday that former… Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra He will be charged with defamation of the monarchy, three months after he was released on parole on other charges.

Thaksin will not be charged yet because he filed a request to postpone his original appointment on Wednesday with proof that he has COVID-19, Attorney General's Office spokesman Prayuth Bejaragona told a news conference. I said.

The attorney general's office scheduled a new appointment to indict Thaksin on June 18, Prayuth said, adding that Thaksin would also be charged with violating the Computer Crimes Act.

Thaksin has been in self-imposed exile since 2008, but Returned to Thailand He started serving his eight-year sentence in August last year. He was released on parole. In February, he was released from a Bangkok hospital where he spent six months for corruption-related offences.

On his return, he was almost immediately transferred from prison to hospital due to ill health, and about a week later King Maha Vajiralongkorn commuted his sentence to one year. Thaksin was granted parole due to his age – he is 74 – and poor health, leaving him free to serve the remainder of his one-year sentence.

His return is seen as part of a political bargain between his Pheu Thai Party and the conservative establishment – longtime rivals – to replace the progressive Move Forward Party with government after its victory in last year's general election. Can be prevented from making.

After his return, the attorney general's office said it had reopened an investigation into whether Thaksin violated the law against defaming the king nearly nine years ago, which carries a 15-year prison sentence. Imprisoned.

Thaksin was originally charged in 2016 with violating the law over comments he made to reporters in Seoul, South Korea, a year earlier, but the investigation could only proceed when he was acquitted. Presented with the charge in person at the hospital in January. , officials said. Thaksin denied the allegations and submitted a statement of defence.

Prosecutor's spokesman Prayuth said the attorney general has enough evidence to indict Thaksin. He said that the prosecution has prepared its statement and documents to be presented in the court next month.

Since its release, Thaksin has maintained a high profile. And he is believed to be influential in the government led by Prime Minister Sreetha Thavisan. One analyst believes that Thaksin's growing influence has angered ultra-conservatives and that the indictment is their response.

“It's designed to keep Thaksin in check. It puts him on a leash. If he doesn't behave, the charge can be activated and send him to jail. It's about his movements and his is to reduce and remind him of his tactics, to send him a kind of signal, to know who is in charge and to know that he should not cross the line,” said Thetnan Pongsudhirak, a professor at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. .

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