Ghaziabad is burning? The washing machine in the balcony was burnt to ashes due to heat wave. video

Chaos in Ghaziabad, fire broke out due to heat, washing machine burnt to ashes Image: Screen grab from viral video

Ghaziabad: Panic broke out in Officer City 2 Society in Rajnagar Extension on Wednesday morning when a washing machine caught fire due to extreme heat. The incident took place when the washing machine in the balcony caught fire due to a short circuit. The flames engulfed the washing machine, reducing it to ashes and causing panic among the residents.

The incident, captured on video, quickly went viral on social media, showing the gravity of the situation and the desperate efforts to bring it under control. Fortunately, no one was injured, but the incident has raised concerns about electrical safety and the dangers of extreme heat.

Local authorities have urged residents to be careful with electrical appliances, especially during hot weather, and make sure they are not exposed to direct sunlight or high temperatures. The management of the society is also taking steps to increase awareness and prevent such incidents in future.

Heat wave in North India

Large parts of north and central India were gripped by a severe heatwave on Tuesday, with the mercury crossing 50 degrees Celsius in Rajasthan's Churu and Haryana's Sirsa and Delhi staying nine notches above normal. At least three weather centers in Delhi recorded a maximum temperature of 49 degrees Celsius or more. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) said the temperature was 49.9 degrees Celsius in Mangeshpur and Narila in Delhi and 49.8 degrees Celsius in Najafgarh.

It was the highest temperature recorded in the capital this season. However, Mangeshpur and Narila weather stations came up in 2022 and have records for the last three years only. The IMD said that respite from heatwave conditions may be seen after May 30.

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