Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper return to NYC after weekend getaway

Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper

Back in the New York City groove…

after weekend holiday

gigi hadid And Bradley Cooper They’re no longer shying away from their romance – they were photographed in the same car, arriving back in NYC after a weekend away.

The new couple — who made headlines after being spotted out to dinner last week — were back in NYC on Sunday after an apparent weekend getaway.

Gigi and Brad are in a Mercedes G-Wagon, with BC in the driver’s seat and Gigi riding the passenger seat. He parks the car, and she takes out a lot of stuff from its trunk – including some overnight bags and other items. Soon after, Bradley does the same.

They appear to be stumbling around trying to get out of the vehicle here… but the secret is now out – they are definitely walking as a pair, and it certainly looks like they Now there is a thing.

Keep in mind, when they were caught last week…they were definitely trying to be even more low-key than this. Gigi was following Brad down the street, and he was trailing well behind her.

As far as any past relationship between them is concerned… we haven’t found out much. However, they are both A-listers in NYC – so it’s not out of the realm of possibility that they may have known each other/been mutual friends for years. At this point they are definitely acquainted.

This is a very interesting pairing…especially when you consider that GH was recently linked to a Leonardo Dicaprio – who was she with looked outside across the city earlier this year.

Now, it appears she’s moved on with another Hollywood stud… who’s much older than her. Bradley is 48, and Gigi is 28 — but at least they share parenthood! Brad is 6 years old lawn with Irina Shayk …and Gigi’s got a 3-year-old child from her ex-wife, Zayn Malik,

Maybe step-parenting is in Gigi and Brad’s future…enjoy, you two!

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