Global Biofuel Alliance: Explaining India’s Big Multi-Billion Dollar Biofuel Betting – Watch Video

Global Biofuel Alliance either or GBA It was announced recently. G20 Summit. According to an official statement, the Global Biofuel Alliance, an Indian initiative, aims to accelerate the use of biofuels globally by facilitating technology development and accelerating the use of sustainable biofuels.
The alliance was announced by PM Modi With leaders from the United States, Brazil, Singapore, Italy, Bangladesh, Argentina, United Arab Emirates and Mauritius. So what is the significance of the Global Biofuel Alliance and how can India play an important role in it? Biofuel production and worldwide adoption.
In this week’s episode of TOI Business Bites, Gaurav KediaChairman of Indian Biogas Association (IBA) describes a $500 billion opportunity for India and participating countries in the biofuels sector.

Global Biofuels Alliance: Explaining India’s Major Multi-Billion Dollar Biofuels Bet

Watch the video above to understand the industries that are likely to benefit from biofuels, the impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and why major industrial houses are investing in the biofuels space.
According to Gaurav Kedia, it is very important that India is leading. “We are not just rulers, we can be rulers,” he says.
“If I just take the top three countries, which is the US, then Brazil and then India, I mean these three countries probably produce about 85% of biofuels and they consume about 81% of biofuels, Kedia adds.
IBA Chairman Says Biofuel Alliance Will Be $500 Billion Opportunity “I am talking about the overall ecosystem. It includes job creation, R&D, industry and many other direct and indirect jobs as far as opportunity is concerned,” he tells TOI.
Kedia also talks about the policy initiatives taken by the central and state governments to encourage biofuel production and adds that there are still some challenges to be faced.

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