Gmail Emoji Reactions Are Here To Be A Thing We Should All Use

Gmail is becoming smarter at responding to emails for you, whether through autocomplete as you type or with some kind of AI bot that Google is testing in the labs. Starting this month, we have another way to respond to someone instantly, perhaps the fastest of them all.

Emoji reactions are coming to Gmail for both Android and iOS mobile devices. These reactions will allow you to reply to someone with one-tap, meaning no typing. See what I mean about the quickest response method ever?

Once the new Gmail app is on your phone, you’ll see an emoji icon next to the Reply, Reply All, and Forward buttons at the bottom of the email. Tapping that emoji icon brings up a list of emojis that you can tap to quickly respond to the sender. If you already have emoji reactions on Gmail, you can stack those reactions by tapping them and send a reaction even faster.

I’m not sure how often I see myself using it, as emails often require you to say Some?, Anything, but I’m also not opposed to that option when I don’t have to actually put in any effort. It might be time to test how these work in a work setting. It’s a lot of work for Google to turn Gmail into a text or messaging experience.

Google says updates to Gmail with emoji reactions will be released in the “coming weeks.”

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