Goods train runs 70 km without driver in Punjab, causing panic.

The freight car – loaded with stones – crossed about five stations.


A major accident was averted in Punjab today after a goods train ran for nearly 70 km without a driver, sparking panic.

Officials said the driver had forgotten to pull the handbrake before alighting from the train – which was halted at Pathankot station – due to which it started moving on the muddy track.

The goods vehicle – laden with stones – crossed about five stations at a speed of 100 kmph before stopping at Uchibusi. “The train was stopped after a railway official placed wooden blocks on the tracks to stop the train,” officials said.

Officials said that no casualties were reported in the incident.

A video of the train, which has gone viral on social media, shows the train speeding past a station.

Officials said they are trying to identify any possible security flaws to avoid such incidents in the future. He said that the actual cause of the incident has not been known yet.

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