Google's new AI search tells users to put glue on their pizza, run with scissors in hand to stay healthy

Updated: May 24, 2024 15:01 IST

For a long time, Google has been our favorite place to get answers to almost any question. Need help with research for a project? Search on Google. Want to know how to cook rice? Google has the answers. Do you want to know how to impress that cute guy you met recently? Someone on Google might have a blog about that. Thus, the search engine has connected readers to publishers for a long time and now we have become quite used to getting the answers we want by scrolling through those blue links. Just recently, Google introduced new AI-powered features for Search, which included giving AI-generated summaries for questions asked to the search engine.

People have started using this feature in their daily lives and they are getting some unexpected results. Most of them are sharing their experiences on social media, stating that the new feature has some drawbacks. In one instance, Google's AI search asked a user to put glue on his pizza so that the cheese sticks to the base. This response is based on a response from a Reddit thread that was shared more than a decade ago.

In another case, Google AI-powered Search was seen telling a user the “health benefits of running with scissors in hand.” In yet another case, Google Search told a user that cats often lick their owners to check if they are “fit to eat.”

“One thing about Google's AI answers is that there's no clarity on what the system chooses to upvote,” The Verge journalist Mia Sato wrote in a post on Threads. “Should AI answers include content from random Reddit comments? One example: The bullet point about cats licking you to see if you're fit to eat was taken verbatim from a Reddit post that was clearly a joke.”

Google spokeswoman Meghan Farnsworth said in a statement to The Verge that these errors “generally come from very unusual queries, and do not represent most people's experiences.” She also said that the company has taken action against violations of its policies and is using these “isolated instances” to improve the product.

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May 24, 2024

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