Google's Pixel 9 lineup appears in hands-on photos five months early

It's the day that ends in Y, so naturally, we're dealing with another Google Pixel hardware leak. This time Pixel 9, 9 Pro and 9 Pro XL can be seen together in new pictures. rosecade – a full five months ahead of Google's usual October release deadline.

I have a lot of questions about how and why these units came into the world so quickly, but here we are. And I know many of you are undoubtedly keeping an eye on that regular 9 Pro, which will finally put Google's best camera into a normal-sized phone. Meanwhile, the 9 Pro XL looks noticeably taller than Apple's iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Yes, it is an XL sized phone.
image: rosecade

I'm a little curious as to whether Google will still call this the “camera bar”, since it no longer spans the entire width of the phone. This marks a pretty big change in the Pixel's visual identity, but the new style still looks quite unique compared to what Apple and Samsung are doing. As usual, the standard Pixel 9 will have a two-camera system, while the Pro will have a third lens for telephoto/zoom purposes.

Is Google trying to outdo itself every year? Does the fact that these devices are already available mean that the company is planning to move their release to an earlier date, 2024? Could we see a Pixel 9 teaser during tomorrow's Google I/O keynote? I mean, we already know what they look like; At least show us some different colors, Google. Where is the Pixel Fold 2, er… the Pixel 9 Pro Fold was hiding during all these leaks?

Anyway, the midrange Pixel 8A goes on sale this week for $499 and if you don't mind some thick bezels and not having Google's most advanced camera hardware, it shouldn't be overlooked.

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