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Gurgaon: Singer-turned-politician and JJP candidate Rahul Yadav Fazilpuria met city RWAs on Sunday morning and sought suggestions for his work as MP. He described the present government as for the industrialists and for the people. Fazil Puria alleged that governments deliberately did not build good schools and hospitals to “help their industrialist friends make money from privately run schools and hospitals”. So governments deliberately do not build good schools and hospitals. But I ask these leaders what was the fault of those poor people who died due to lack of treatment. Who is responsible for their death? This government does not belong to the common people but to the industrialists,” said Fazil Puria. Taking a jibe at sitting MP and BJP candidate Rao Inderjit Singh, he said that if Singh had made proper arrangements for government schools in the area 20 years ago, the youth in the constituency would not be unemployed now. Rahul criticized sitting MPs for their “selfish approach” and lack of focus on urban areas, citing low voting percentage in Gurgaon. “Badshah (Singh) is in a bubble and is saying on camera that Gurgaon and Rewari will definitely vote for him. But the people of Gurgaon are nobody's fiefdom. By voting for change this time, the people will break Badshah's arrogance. ” They said. Fazil Puria made the remarks at a town hall debate on Sunday – 'Know Your Candidate'.

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