Gurgaon Deputy Commissioner ordered to vacate the fifth tower in Chantalis within 15 days. Delhi News

Gurgaon Deputy Commissioner Nishant Kumar Yadav has ordered the vacating of Tower H in Chantalus Paradiso Residential Society in Sector 109 within 15 days, months after it was found unfit for habitation by the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. was

The deputy commissioner, who is also the chairman of the District Disaster Management Authority, said in an order dated October 6 that he was informed through a joint committee report received from the office of the Additional District Magistrate that IIT Delhi had destroyed the tower. has been declared unsafe for human habitation. His order also said that the matter related to payment of compensation to the occupants of the tower is being handled by a special investigation team.

In July, after IIT’s structural audit report came in, the District Town Planner (Enforcement) wrote to Chintels India Private Limited to vacate Tower H. Four other towers D, E, F and G of the nine-tower society were ordered to be evacuated after part of a sixth-floor apartment in Tower D collapsed to the first floor, killing two women and injuring one. Man.

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The IIT Delhi report states, “There is rapid and extensive corrosion of reinforcement almost throughout the structure. This corrosion is due to chlorides that have been incorporated into the concrete at the time of its production. The need for repairs, as reported by residents, appears to be due to corrosion of the steel reinforcement due to the presence of these chlorides… In the current state of rapid corrosion of the reinforcement due to the presence of chlorides, the structure housing Not safe for

The Deputy Commissioner in his order said that the joint committee was of the view that Tower H should be closed permanently. Residents still living in these towers should be asked to evacuate immediately. It has therefore become necessary to vacate the towers of Chantalus Paradiso Group Housing Society, Sector 109, Gurugram immediately to avoid any loss of life and property to the occupants.

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“Therefore, I am satisfied that in view of the threat to life and property of the occupants of Towers H of the said society, the immediate evacuation of the remaining residents is required to protect human life, health and safety. The occupants of K Towers H should vacate their respective premises and hand over the vacant possession thereof to M/s Chintels India Pvt. Ltd. within 15 days of passing. [of] This order… The issue of payment of compensation to the occupants/flat owners by the developer (Le. M/s Chintels India Pvt. Ltd.) is being dealt with separately by the SIT constituted in the matter and accordingly M/s. Chintels India Pvt. . Ltd. has been directed to settle all the claims of all the allottees of Tower H within the stipulated time.

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