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To expand his business, a 50-year-old dairy farmer searched online to buy a cow and found four at a steal of Rs 95,000. He paid an advance of Rs 22,000 in four installments – before realizing that there were no cows for sale and that it was all an elaborate scam.

A farmer named Sukhbir is a resident of Pandala in Gurgaon. His son, Parveen (30), said he was caught unaware when he realized that he would only spend Rs 35,000 online while he would have to pay nearly Rs 1 lakh offline.

According to his complaint, the farmer searched for a contact number on Google to buy a cow. “Then I started receiving pictures of cows on my WhatsApp number. I had transferred a total of Rs 22,999 in four transactions between January 19 and 20. Later, I realized I had been duped,” Sukhbir complained. I accused.

Parveen said her father was using her phone.

“He was watching YouTube videos and I don't know how he got the link to the website — if it was through an ad or if he checked online for cows. He saw a number and called them. asked him if he could meet and he gave him a location. The accused also sent him pictures of the cow. He initially told my father that he would have to pay Rs 35,000 and when he Asked for four cows, they reduced the price to Rs 95,000. They said the cows would be given in the name of Goshala. Initially, Rs 8,000 was paid and when he inquired about the situation, the accused said that the cows Ferozepur is in Jharka and he needs more money. More transactions took place and when he asked for more money, my father got scared and lodged a complaint. When he confronted him, he threatened him. Start it,'' he told The Indian Express.

Parveen said that he has five cows and his father is trying to expand the business.

A festive offering

According to the police, during the investigation it was found that Rs 22,999 paid by the farmer was transferred to the Access Bank account.

“Subsequently, a notice was issued to the account concerned and it has been frozen. A notice has been issued to the bank to obtain the records. Further investigation will be done after receiving the records. Investigation is on,” said a senior police officer.

Police said that an FIR has been registered against unknown persons under sections 419 and 420 of cheating.

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