Gurgaon: Fed up with sanitation services, RWA says 'give us machines and your staff' | Gurgaon News

GURGAON: The streets of Sector 9A have not been cleaned for over a week, with heaps of garbage and horticultural waste rotting on the roadside, residents said.

He alleged that the MCG has neglected sanitation services in the area. 20 sanitation workers are assigned to the sector, but only 5-6 of them turn up for work, leading to garbage piling up on the streets.

With the arrival of monsoon, the rotting garbage will increase the smell and pose a threat to the health of the residents.

“We are living in unfavorable conditions. The roads are dirty and littered everywhere. It has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests. We see only a handful of workers coming, and even they cannot keep up with the workload. could keep,” said Rakesh Kapoor, a resident.

Residents said sanitation services in the sector have been affected since the appointment of a new agency by the MCG last year. Several complaints have been lodged with the MCG by the RWA, demanding adequate manpower, and regular sanitation and waste disposal, but no improvement has been forthcoming.

Last month, the Haryana government announced a 'solid waste requirement' in the city and constituted a six-member committee to oversee the implementation of the Solid Waste Environment Agency Program (SWEEP). “The government has declared a sanitation emergency, but the situation is very bad. The door-to-door waste collection service has been affected while there has been no improvement in sanitation despite repeated complaints to the MCG. Instead RWAs should provide machinery and manpower,” said Sector 9A RWA general secretary Lalit Suraj Bhola.

Asked about the complaints, Sanitation Inspector Sandeep said that he had visited the sector and directed the agency to ensure that adequate staff was deployed for the area.

“This is wrong because we have been regularly cleaning the garbage from the collection point. There was a problem with door-to-door collection services, but we are working on it,” he said.

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