Hamas released a video of kidnapped hostage Nadav Popelville on October 7.

Hamas on Saturday released the first sign of the life of hostage Nadav Popelville, 51, who was abducted from Kibbutz Nereim by terrorists during the October 7 attacks by Hamas. The terrorist group later claimed that Popelwell was killed in an Israeli airstrike.

Hamas's announcement of Populville's death comes amid several similar announcements by the terrorist organization since the start of the war. This recent announcement, as attributed to the Islamist group, has not been confirmed by Israel. Hamas also has a history of using disinformation and psychological warfare.

The video shows Popplewell reading a short script before the video cuts to a large question mark. Accounts that posted the video asked sarcastically, “In a few moments… what happened?”

Nadav Popelwell's health

Popplewell had a black eye in the video but no other visible injuries.

It's unclear when the video was taken and what Popplewell's current health status is.

Ayelet Svatitzky shows a photo of her mother Chana Perry during a press conference for family members of British Israeli kidnapping victims, amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, at the Israeli Embassy in London, Britain on October 24, 2023. Is. (Credit: Hannah McKay/Reuters)

Popplewell is a diabetic and his sister said Daily mail In November, a month after his abduction, that she was concerned about his health in captivity.

Poppleville's mother, Hannah Perry, was released on November 24 under a temporary ceasefire agreement.

Poppleville's brother Roy was killed on October 7.

Hamas has in the past posted short videos of hostages and joked about their welfare. This is part of Hamas' ongoing campaign of psychological terror.

Just two weeks ago, Hamas released footage of hostages Hersh Goldberg Pollen, Keith Segal and Omari Miran.

Later on Saturday, the Forum of Hostages and Missing Families issued a statement reiterating its call for the government to immediately reach an agreement on the hostages.

“Every sign of life from those held hostage by Hamas is another cry of distress for the Israeli government and its leaders,” the forum said. “We don't have a moment left! You must try to execute a deal that brings them all back today – the living to rehabilitation and the slain to burial.”

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