Harry and Meghan issue defiant statement as King Charles unveils official portrait

King hosts garden party with senior royals as Prince Harry misses reunion

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have praised their “unforgettable” trip to Nigeria amid an uproar over their charity's paperwork.

The couple visited the country for three days to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Duke of Sussex's Invictus Games.

On their website, the couple described the informal trip as “unforgettable” and said it would be “the first of many memorable trips”.

The statement comes after news that the state of California had declared the couple's charity “criminal.”

Archewell Foundation was awarded this status after “failure to submit” [the] Required Annual Report and/or Renewal Fees”.

However, on Tuesday evening it emerged that the fees and paperwork had been properly submitted last year – and so the charity is no longer listed as delinquent.

A spokesperson for the Archewell Foundation said: “We have diligently investigated the situation and can confirm that the Archewell Foundation is fully compliant and in good standing.”

The news comes after a striking new portrait of King Charles was unveiled for the first time since his coronation.


First portrait of King Charles after coronation receives mixed reaction online

The first portrait of King Charles since his coronation has received a mixed reaction online.

The painting depicts the king in Welsh Guards uniform on an abstract red background, with a butterfly landing on his shoulder.

Reacting to the photo, a Twitter (X) user couldn't help but compare it to the famous “It's okay” meme.

Another said, “The face is very nice but the rest of the body looks bathed in blood.”

New portrait of King Charles draws mixed reactions ,His Majesty King Charles III By Jonathan Yeo 2024/PA Wire,

However, not everyone was so critical of the painting, which was created after the artist spent four seasons with the king.

“I think it's beautiful and totally different from traditional pictures,” one fan commented.

A second added: “A beautiful portrait of King Charles! I love the way the muted background draws attention to her face!”

emma guinness15 May 2024 at 16:30


Queen Camilla worried King Charles was doing too much

A friend of the Queen Consort said she feared it might cause her to “set back”, even though doctors have declared she is healthy enough for a “short summer programme”.

“She's trying to encourage him to slow down,” a friend explained. The Daily Beast, “Of course, he wants to move forward, but he's afraid that doing too much might set him back.”

King Charles has still attended various events despite undergoing cancer treatment (Jordan Petit/PA) ,pa wire,

emma guinness15th May 2024 at 15:00


Queen Camilla praised for decision to go fur-free

Queen Camilla has been praised by another animal charity after announcing she will no longer buy real fur clothes.

The Queen Consort, 76, made the revelation in a letter from Buckingham Palace to PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), where she said she would “not be buying any new fur garments”.

Now, Humane Society International, which is leading the #FurFreeBritain campaign to ban fur imports into the UK, have said they are “thrilled” by the news.

As it stands, although it is illegal to factory farm fur in the UK, it can still be imported from other countries.

Senior Director of Public Affairs Claire Bass said Independent: “We are thrilled that Her Majesty Queen Camilla has officially confirmed her fur-free status, following in the footsteps of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

“Queen Camilla's decision to 'lie' reflects the morals and mood of the British public, the majority of whom are disgusted by cruel fur.

“We hope this powerful message from the Queen will inspire the government to take decisive action to ban the import of ferocious fur from overseas.”

Responding to the news, PETA similarly said they would celebrate with “a glass of the finest claret”.

Queen Camilla thrills animal charity by going fur-free ,Pete Zibora/PA Wire,

emma guinness15 May 2024 14:30


Prince William celebrates as favorite football team qualifies for Champions League

The team qualified for the first time yesterday (14 May) when their rivals Tottenham Hotspur lost to Manchester City.

Taking to Twitter (x) to mark the achievement, the 41-year-old heir to the throne wrote: “We are the Champions League! A historic season and an amazing achievement. Thank you to Yunai, the entire team and everyone at @AVFCOfficial. Can't wait for the next season. #UTV! W”

The Prince of Wales has made no secret of his love for the team and is often seen at Aston Villa games, sometimes accompanied by Prince George.

Prince William is celebrating today after his favorite team qualified for the Champions League ,getty images,

emma guinness15 May 2024 14:03


Roman Kemp spots Kate Middleton in socks in 'surreal' moment

The 31-year-old DJ said the pair got to know each other through their work promoting mental health awareness and this led to the Princess of Wales visiting her parents' home as they collaborated on a short film Was.

“One of the most surreal days of my life. “Me, my mother, father, sister and the princess are sitting at the kitchen table talking,” he said. many times,

“The strangest thing is that he took off his shoes at the door. “You never really see a princess in her stockings.”

Kemp said in the interview that he would discuss almost anything related to mental health struggles if it meant helping other people after losing his best friend to suicide in 2020.

Reflecting on Kate's current health battle, Kemp expressed sympathy: “Our hearts broke when we saw her in the video.” [announcing her cancer diagnosis],

“I don't think anyone should be under that level of scrutiny where they have to do that.”

Roman Kemp connects with Kate Middleton over their shared passion for mental health awareness ,Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images,

emma guinness15 May 2024 13:36


Inside the British Empire Service Orders

St Paul's Cathedral was packed with around 2,000 people today for the Celebration of the Order of the British Empire service.

Guests included King Charles and Queen Camilla, who wore red robes to celebrate CBE, OBE, MBE and British Empire Medal recipients.

The service comes a week after Prince Harry's Invictus Games Thanksgiving ceremony, where the Duke of Sussex was supported exclusively by members of the Spencer family, not the Windsors.

The King did not meet Prince Harry during his recent visit to Britain ,getty images,
Prince Harry embraces family as Princess Diana's brother and sister support him at Invictus Games ceremony ,uk pool,
About 2,000 people are attending today's service ,Hannah McKay/PA Wire,

emma guinness15 May 2024 at 13:00


Prince Harry supports 'God Save the King' despite ongoing family tensions

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were seen standing in front of a 'God Save the King' performance in Nigeria despite their apparent family feud.

The Duke of Sussex, 39, was subjected to intense scrutiny when he returned to the UK for the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games last week.

The pair met on the trip, despite not seeing their father, King Charles, since he learned of his cancer diagnosis in February.

A representative for Harry put it down to the King's “busy schedule”.

Although it may have been a matter of unfortunate timing, some royal commentators interpreted the king's actions as deliberate neglect.

This also appeared to be the case when it was announced that Prince William was being made Colonel-in-Chief of Harry's old military regiment while the Duke was in Britain.

Harry and Meghan both recently stood up for a performance of 'God Save the King' ,Getty Images for Archewell F,

emma guinness15 May 2024 12:30


Queen Camilla vows to stop buying fur

Queen Camilla has pledged to stop buying fur in the monarchy's latest step towards a more cruelty-free existence.

The news was welcomed by Ingrid Newkirk, the organisation's managing director, who said: “It is right and appropriate for the British monarchy to reflect British values ​​by recognizing that fur has no place in our society.”

Camilla's decision to stop buying fur comes after the palace banned foie gras and anointed the king with “cruelty-free oil.”

Queen Camilla has promised not to buy any more real fur ,Pete Zibora/PA Wire,

emma guinness15 May 2024 12:00 PM


King Charles and Queen Camilla arrive at St Paul's Cathedral a week after Harry's condemnation

Their arrival at the historic building came a week after Prince Harry hosted a Thanksgiving celebration for the Invictus Games, which none of his family members attended.

The pair will now attend a service alongside around 2,000 people who hold orders including CBE, OBE, MBE and British Empire medals.

The King and Queen arriving at St Paul's Cathedral today (15 May) ,Jordan Pettit/PA Wire,
The Windsors did not attend Prince Harry's church event last week ,getty images,

emma guinness15 May 2024 11:23


King Charles offered Prince Harry a royal residence during a recent visit to Britain

The news comes after the pair's tumultuous journey, which saw the king twice appear to humiliate his youngest son during a visit to his home country to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games.

The first alleged insult came when it was reported that the king was too busy to meet on a visit, and the second came when it was announced that Prince William was to become colonel-in-chief of Harry's old military regiment, the Army. Air Force.

However, the king's friends have protested against what happened, Wire Report.

One said: “While he was hardly going to be rolling out the red carpet at the time of the announcement of the Invictus Tour, doctors had advised him to concentrate on his treatment and recovery, an idea he refused to include in his diary. Granted… well, let's just say memories may once again vary.

Prince Harry reportedly stayed in a London hotel on last week's trip after leaving his UK residence, Frogmore Cottage, at his father's request.

Prince Harry and King Charles have not seen each other since news of the monarch's cancer diagnosis broke in February ,Tim Rooke – Pool/Getty Images,

emma guinness15th May 2024 11:00am

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