'He took innocent lives': Pune Porsche crash victims' families seek cancellation of bail of teenage driver, strict action

The family of 24-year-old Ashwini Kushta, who was killed by a drunken youth while driving a speeding Porsche on the streets of Pune, was in shock when her body was brought to her home in Madhya Pradesh's Jabalpur. .

Ashwini was one of the two persons who were hit by a careless vehicle at 2.15 am on Sunday morning.

The Juvenile Justice Board's decision to grant bail to the youth on the same day he was asked to write an essay on road accidents and help the traffic police has drawn criticism. Ashwini's family members said CNN News 18 That they are disappointed with the bail conditions and are ready to fight at all levels to get him justice.

“We are in shock,” said her uncle Sachin Bokde, “It is condemnable that she should get bail in 15 hours. She and her parents should be investigated. After Ashwini's last rites are completed tomorrow. We will discuss the matter.” . Asked if there was a possibility of political pressure in the case, he said it was quite possible and the elections were happening anyway.

“We want his bail to be canceled and he remains in police custody. Because of this, an innocent girl, who has seen nothing of life, died,” said her uncle Sachin Bokde.

Another relative of Ashwini, Ayodhya Prasad Kushta, told CNN-News18, “The pubs in the city should be investigated. They were serving liquor to minors, which is illegal. Many such complaints are pending with the police. There are delays.”

Ashwini's father, Suresh Kumar Koshta, works as an office assistant in the state's electricity department. One of his sons, Sampreet Kushta, is a software engineer in Bengaluru.

Ashwini, a software engineer, had been living in Pune for the past two years. When she first moved to Pune, she was working with Amazon. A year ago, he switched jobs and joined Johnson Controls.

Meanwhile, Satish Awadhia, uncle of the other victim Anish Awadhia, said, “The way things are going, I don't think we are getting justice.”


“To use the rules in his favor, he is a minor but when he is driving a vehicle given to him by his parents, he is not a minor,” he said.

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