He was 'lured' from the cruise after a young American family feared missing in Germany.

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Authorities are searching for a missing American teenager who went missing in Germany while on a Caribbean Princess cruise.

According to Rostock police, 14-year-old Ayden Brown was last seen leaving the Caribbean Princess cruise ship when it sank in the port of Warnemande on July 4.

The Caribbean princess told Fox News Digital that she is working with local police to find Brown.

“We are actively cooperating with German law enforcement on a missing person case involving a 14-year-old boy who disembarked unescorted from the Caribbean Princess in Warrenmundi on Thursday morning.

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Aidan Brown, 14

Police are searching for missing American teenager Ayden Brown, who was last seen leaving a cruise ship in Germany on Thursday morning. (Courtesy of Amy via Facebook)

“My worst nightmare continues. Aydin is missing. Looks like he may have been lured once he left the ship in Warnemünde, Germany,” Brown's cousin Anne Yekteul wrote in a post on social media. Gone,” Brown's cousin Ann Yekteol wrote in a post on social media.

Rostock police are now using an image from a surveillance camera to find a witness who, according to previous investigations, was out with the missing teenager on Thursday morning before he disappeared.

Warnemünde, the city Braun was last seen in, is about two hours from Berlin.

Amy Kopischke, another of Brown's cousins, wrote in a post, “My cousin Ann took her grandson Audin on a special European cruise! (Just the two of them) He got off the plane in Germany and went missing about 24 hours ago. !”

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Aidan Brown, 14

Fourteen-year-old Ayden Braun has not been seen since 7am on Thursday when he left the Caribbean Princess in Rostock-Warnemünde, police said. (Courtesy of Amy via Facebook)

It is still unclear whether Brown left the plane on his own or if his grandmother was with him. Rostock police said an investigation revealed that Brown and his grandmother allegedly had an argument that led to him leaving the plane.

Police are requesting witness reports to be given to the Rostock Criminal Investigation Department immediately.

Police are also asking the public for any information on Brown's whereabouts.

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Aidan Brown, 14

Aiden Brown, 14, went missing from a cruise ship in Germany on Thursday, according to police. (Rostock Police Department)

“Who knows the unknown youth or can provide information on his whereabouts? Who saw the missing man at the train station in Warnemande with a still unknown man around 7:30am on Thursday morning?” Rostock police said in a release.

Brown is described as being about 5'8″, with brown hair and brown eyes, weighing about 220 pounds. He was last seen wearing a gray, zip-up sweatshirt and dark pants. He was also carrying a large black pant. Bag with “AMAZON” on the front.

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“Upon learning of the situation, we immediately contacted the local police, who have since been leading the search,” the cruise line said in a statement. “We understand the distress this situation has caused and will continue to provide ongoing on-site support to the family during this difficult time.”

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