Health Department: 450 dengue cases in Noida, 527 in Gzb

Ghaziabad: Total 450 logging in Noida Dengue cases And Ghaziabad 527, Department of Health Has been posted in both districts. District Malaria Teams and ASHA to check preventive measures against symptomatic patients and mosquitoes in both rural and urban areas.
Ghaziabad reported 14 new cases on Wednesday, while Noida saw an increase of 23 in the last 24 hours. District malaria teams are scanning all areas and spraying anti-larva solution if mosquito larvae are found in any area. TNN
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500 dengue cases in Gzb, 400 in Noida
Ghaziabad has reported 10 new dengue cases, taking the total to nearly 500, while Noida has reported a total of 400 cases so far. DEN-2 strain of dengue virus has been detected in samples from both cities. Efforts are being made to clear stagnant water and spray anti-larva solution in hotspot areas. The presence of the DEN-2 strain can cause severe symptoms and increase the risk of dengue shock syndrome. Due to the increase in cases, beds have been allocated for dengue patients in the hospitals of both the cities.
Number of places where mosquito larvae are found to breed: Delhi Minister
According to the city’s health minister, the number of mosquito breeding sites in Delhi has reached a plateau. In response, a city-wide awareness campaign will be launched to combat vector-borne diseases. Fogging is being done in all 250 wards of Delhi, and steps have been taken to check and control mosquito breeding at over 2.40 lakh locations across the city. Hospitals are reporting an increase in the number of dengue patients, with four deaths recorded so far this season.
Mumbai: More than 700 cases of dengue, malaria were recorded in September.
Malaria and dengue cases are on the rise in Mumbai, with 756 confirmed cases of malaria and 703 cases of dengue reported in the first two weeks of September. The number of cases is expected to increase from August onwards. This increase is due to sporadic rains, which are creating favorable conditions for mosquito breeding. City officials have issued an advisory to combat mosquito breeding, stressing the importance of sanitation and removal of water-collecting objects. The number of deaths due to malaria and dengue during the monsoon season was not disclosed.

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