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In our busy modern life, Hypertension and high blood pressure (HBP) weave their threads, silently encroaching upon our health. As these silent invaders tighten their grip on our health, the demand for awareness and understanding grows louder, echoing the urgent need to unravel their complexities.

According to Dr. Amit Bhushan Sharma, Director and Cardiology Unit Head, Paras Health Gurugram, “The primary factors contributing to hypertension include Genetics, lifestyle choicesSuch as diet and level of physical activity, obesity, excessive salt intake, alcohol consumption, stress, and certain medical conditions such as kidney disease and sleep apnea.”

High blood pressure, lifestyle, diet, potassium, Nmami Agarwal says, “Exercise helps strengthen the heart, increase blood flow and reduce water retention in the body” (Source: Freepik)

Namami Agarwal, Nutritionist, Dietician and CEO of Namamilife Pvt Ltd said, “My experience as a Nutritionist and Dietician has made me realise that many cases of hypertension and HBP are a result of multiple dietary and health factors. Poor dietary patterns such as low intake of fibre and nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables and whole grains and high intake of saturated fats, trans fats and sugar lead to hypertension.”

He said high blood pressure, if not caused by cardiac problems, is usually caused by lifestyle. He said exercise helps strengthen the heart, increasing the heart's efficiency. Decreased blood flow and water loss retention in the body.

Lack of exercise can cause blood to thicken and the heart to weaken. Stress deoxygenates the blood and increases blood pressure. It also has an effect on the heart walls.

“In all this, a good diet with low sodium, high fibre, potassium and good fats makes the difference,” suggests Aggarwal.

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He said uncontrolled high blood pressure silently damages your body. It puts pressure on your heart, increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke. “Weakened blood vessels can damage the kidneys and eyes, and even cause sexual problems. There are cases where it has adversely affected mental health as well.”

How does potassium affect blood pressure?

“Potassium acts like a brake on blood pressure. It counters the constricting effect of sodium on blood vessel walls, allowing them to relax. Also, it helps your kidneys excrete excess sodium through urine,” explains Agarwal.

Dr. Sharma agrees with this and says that Adequate potassium intake Sodium and potassium intake have been linked to lower blood pressure levels. However, maintaining a balance between sodium and potassium intake is essential for optimal blood pressure control.

Aggarwal suggests eating banana, green gram, sweet potato, kidney beans, fenugreek, coconut water and moringa as all these are not only rich in potassium but also contain several other nutrients that help in keeping the heart healthy.

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