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GURGAON: Architectural and structural drawings, geotechnical investigation report of 7.7 acres in civil lines – the first steps in the construction of the largest building in the city. Government Hospital – is in progress. Health officials said on Wednesday that a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed with the Central Public Works Department (CPWD), which is currently working out a plan to implement it. Is. Construction Civil Hospital with 700 beds

The largest hospital in Gurgaon

Officials said an advance of 10% of the initial estimate would be released to the CPWD after getting administrative approval on its final design plan.
Ten percent of funds will be released upon awarding the tender. The project will be executed under Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) mode of contract. CPWD will submit quarterly progress reports to the Health Department.
Demolition of old civil Hospital The building constructed five decades ago in Civil Lines has been completed.
“We held a meeting with the CPWD members on Wednesday and asked them to start the architectural drawing and survey of the area. We will release the funds after approval of the design and plan,” said Virendra Yadav, C. MO Gurgaon said.
According to the MoU, the defect liability period for the project will be taken as two years from the date of handover to the health department or the date of completion of the building by the contractor, whichever is earlier. “During this period the contractor will repair the damage to the building at his own cost,” the MoU reads.
The hospital should have capacity. 700 beds, a CT-MRI unit, departments of radiology and oncology, specialized sections for nebulization and immunization, microbiology, clinical pathology, and molecular and biochemistry units. Apart from the hematology unit, there will also be a laboratory for blood group serology and a transfusion centre.
The hospital will replace the old civil hospital where six cases of roof collapse were recorded in 2015 and 2016.
In 2015, after the roof of the maternity ward collapsed three times, the authorities decided to shift the ward to Sector 10 General Hospital and renovate it. A year later, the roof of the ICU ward also collapsed, saving hospital staff and patients.
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Trichy Hospital has set up dengue ward.
A 50-bed dengue ward has been set up at the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Government Hospital in Trichy after a patient tested positive for the disease. The patient, a 33-year-old woman, is in stable condition after being admitted to a private hospital. The Department of Public Health is advising the public to eliminate mosquito breeding sites and seek medical attention instead of self-medicating. The hospital has allocated 10 ICU beds, 20 pediatric beds, and 20 adult beds in the dengue ward, and has ample supply of medicines and blood. People with dengue symptoms are urged to go to the hospital immediately.
Chetra collapsed in CCB office, rushed to hospital
Right-wing activist Chetra Kundapur, who is currently in police custody for allegedly defrauding a businessman of Rs 5 crore, collapsed inside a washroom at the Central Crime Branch headquarters in Bengaluru. He was rushed to Victoria Hospital where he is now in a stable condition. Doctors have run tests and admitted her to the ICU, but her vitals are normal. Chaitra and his accomplices were arrested on charges of fraud and have confessed to receiving the money. Police are freezing their bank accounts and verifying their statements.
A private hospital in Patna will set up a dengue ward.
Private hospitals in Patna, India have decided to set up separate wards for dengue patients due to the increase in cases. On Friday, 30 patients were under treatment in private and 48 government hospitals. Hospitals expect the number of dengue patients to increase in October. A total of 196 patients were under treatment in various government hospitals. A total of 213 new cases of dengue were recorded in the state on Friday, taking the number of victims to 1,795. Physicians advise people to ensure adequate hydration and seek medical attention for symptoms.

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