How Microsoft is trying to reduce its addiction to OpenAI as AI costs rise – Information

Microsoft’s push to put artificial intelligence into its software is almost entirely dependent on OpenAI, the startup Microsoft has funded in exchange for the right to use its cutting-edge technology. But as the cost of running advanced AI models continues to rise, Microsoft researchers and product teams are working on Plan B.

In recent weeks, Peter Lee, who oversees Microsoft’s 1,500 researchers, directed many of them to develop conversational AI, which may not have the same performance as OpenAI, but is smaller in size and can be The costs to operate are very low, according to a current employee and another person who recently left the company. These people said Microsoft product teams are already working on incorporating some Microsoft-made AI software powered by large language models into existing products, such as a chatbot within Bing Search that is similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

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